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Australian Geoscientist Employment

Australian Institute of Geoscientists > National > Australian Geoscientist Employment

The latest AIG Australian Geoscientist Employment survey is open for submissions.  

This series of surveys commenced in 2008 to monitor the impact of the global economic downturn on geoscientist employment throughout Australia. They provide valuable data that is used by AIG in conjunction with other industry groups to track fluctuations in geoscientist employment in parallel with other measures of exploration and mining industry investment and performance.  Hard data provided by these surveys is needed to ensure representations to government and other groups on employment issues are supported by representative, timely and relevant information. Your assistance in completing this survey, when it is run on a regular basis, is critical in helping to ensure this.

The previous survey at the end of December 2013 painted a dim picture of employment opportunities for Australian geoscientists, with unemployment reaching levels exceeding those seen in 2009 at the time of the global financial downturn.  Anecdotal since then has painted a mixed picture of geoscientist employment. This survey has been timed to provide definitive answers regarding the current situation.

It’s essential that individual professional geoscientists continue to support the survey by answering the short, confidential questionnaire each time the survey is conducted to ensure that the data collected each time is as representative as possible. No personally identifiable information is collected.

A minute or two of your time spent completing the survey makes a real contribution to your profession.

The survey will be open for submissions until 28 June 2014.