2016 President’s Report

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Strong membership growth continued, increasing from 3181 members at the end of 2014 to 3450 at the end of May 2015.

20 seminars and workshops were put on by the Branches since the last AGM.

AIG Council recognised the need for provision of more efficient service delivery and communication and in 2015 worked towards the implementation of:

  • Online membership renewal and profile system
  • appointment of a new editor for AIG News
  • conversion of AIG News to a fully digital format
    New initiatives launched during the year:
  • Mentoring program initiated’ by the new National Graduate Committee and rolled out in WA

AIG continued to run employment surveys quarterly showing continued high unemployment and underemployment of members.

AIG actively participated in areas of interest such as:

  • Financial support to a realistic estimation of Australia’s Economically Recoverable Mineral Resources
  • Uncover “Roadmap” on future directions for exploration geoscience research

AIG has active branches in five states holding conferences, workshops and social events for members. Access videos of technical presentations are being made available online.

Geoscience education remains a strong focus of AIG activities, principally through the AIG Bursary Program but also including support for TESEP and ESWA.

AIG was also actively involved in various national committees including:

  • JORC Committee
  • VALMIN Committee
  • Australian Geoscience Council
  • National Rock Garden Committee
  • GSA Geotourism Committee
  • IUGS Global Professionalism Task Group

Outstanding issues still needing to be addressed:

  • Improve knowledge of members professional interests and fields of practice
  • Establishment of technical and specialist groups

AIG remains in a healthy financial position.

Membership fees increased in 2015 in line with CPI to help fund improved administrative support for AIG activities.

Deferral of membership fees continues to be available to unemployed members.

AIG recognises the efforts of many enthusiastic and committed people who volunteer their time on Council and State Branch committees as well as donors and sponsor’s support of professional development courses and education assistance.