Careers Webinar – Session 3 Mineral Exploration and Mining

Careers Webinar – Session 3 Mineral Exploration and Mining

Hear a panel of respected geoscientists have a hearty and diverse discussion on career paths in their industry sector. Topics include ‘the spark’ of geology,  making decisions around your career and tips on a good CV. 

Held on Wed 22nd July 2020

Panel Members:

Rebecca Prain        General Manager, Cube Consulting
Peta Libby               Director/Founder Digirock
James Warren        Exploration Manager Tali Resources

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Call For Papers on Geotourism

Call for papers on Geotourism –  Australian Earth Sciences Convention (AESC 2021), a virtual event to be held In Hobart over 9-12 February with a CALL FOR ABSTRACTS. with a deadline date set for 24th August.

The Geotourism theme is  located at and reads,

The Geological Society of Australia has defined geotourism as ‘tourism which focuses on an area’s geology and landscape as the basis for providing visitor engagement, learning and enjoyment’. Geotourism adds considerable content value to traditional nature-based tourism  as well as cultural tourism, thus completing the holistic embrace of ‘A’ (abiotic – landscape and geology) plus ‘B’ (biotic – flora and fauna) plus ‘C’ (culture, both indigenous and post European settlement) aspects.  The Australian Geoscience Council is currently working on a draft national geotourism strategy, and this session invites presentations on all aspects of geotourism, including the development and function of geosites, geotrails and geoparks around Australia, with particular reference to the following strategic themes.

  • Geotourism as a means of celebrating geodiversity through identification of new digital technologies (e.g. smartphones, 3D visualisation, AR & VR) and GIS technologies.
  • Examples of new geotrail development – local, regional and national engagement with existing walking, biking and rail trail interest groups and operators.
  • Examples for collaboration with providers of other areas of natural (bioregion) and cultural heritage contentinclusive of mining heritage.
  • Identification of professional development opportunities for geoscientists, including tour guiding, interpretation and natural area management.