AIG’s Board of Directors

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PRESIDENT: Chris Dickinson
TREASURER: Rod Carlson
SECRETARY: Mark Derriman


  • Doug Brown
  • Rod Carlson
  • Mark Derriman
  • Chris Dickinson
  • Nick Franey
  • Nicole Galloway
  • Genna McDonagh
  • Doug Menzies
  • Leah Moore
  • Heidi Pass
  • Kirsty Sheerin
  • Dale Sims
  • Mark Tait
  • Andrew Waltho



Ethics and Standards: Rod Carlson
Complaints: Mark Derriman/Andrew Waltho
Legal: Andrew Waltho
Membership: Doug Menzies
Registration: James Llorca



Publications: Andrew Waltho
Education: Kaylene Camuti
Finance: Rod Carlson
AIG Service Award: Mike Smith
NGC: Rachael Ciesiolka
Mentoring: Mark Rynhoud
Risk & Audit: Dale Sims



Mentoring Liaison: Bob Findlay
JORC: Graham Jeffress
CWEDG Liaison: Katarina David
SMEDG Liaison: Doug Menzies
NGC Liaison:Josh Leigh
National Rock Garden:Ken McQueen

AIG Board and Board Members

AIG’s success as a dynamic professional institute for geoscientists, representing members’ interests both across Australia and internationally, is in no small part due to the dedication of councilors and directors.

The members of AIG’s Board, now referred to as the Institute’s Board are listed here, in recognition of their service to the Institute.

PresidentKen GlassonKen GlassonKen Glasson
Vice PresidentDavid ProbertDavid ProbertDavid Probert
SecretaryColin AdamsonPeter HaskinsPeter Haskins
TreasurerLindsay IngallLindsay IngallLindsay Ingall
CouncillorJorg BeinColin AdamsonJohn Blumer
CouncillorKen MosherJohn BryanJohn Bryan
CouncillorWilliam RyallJohn BlumerKen Mosher
CouncillorJ. ThomsonMichael TurbottGeorge Gibbons
CouncillorP. JamiesonDonald EmersonJorg Bein
CouncillorDonald EmersonP. JamiesonJohn Lord
CouncillorDonald KennedyKen MosherTim Hopwood
CouncillorJohn BryanJ. ThomsonColin Adamson
CouncillorJohn BlumerK. RichardsMichael Turbott
CouncillorK. RichardsGeorge Gibbons
CouncillorCliff McElroyAnthony Gibbons

PresidentKen GlassonKen GlassonColin Adamson
Vice PresidentLindsay IngallRay NolanPhillip Evans
SecretaryPeter HaskinsPeter HaskinsDoug Jones
TreasurerJ. ThomsonLindsay IngallLindsay Ingall
CouncillorColin AdamsonColin AdamsonJorg Bein
CouncillorJorg BeinJorg BeinJohn Bryan
CouncillorJohn BlumerJohn BlumerKen Glasson
CouncillorJohn BryanJohn BryanLloyd Hamilton
CouncillorPhillip EvansPhillip EvansPeter Haskins
CouncillorLloyd HamiltonLloyd HamiltonTim Hopwood
CouncillorTim HopwoodTim HopwoodJohn Lord
CouncillorJohn LordJohn LordRay Nolan
CouncillorRaymond NolanJ. ThomsonDavid Probert
CouncillorDavid ProbertDavid ProbertJ. Thomson

PresidentLindsay Ingall
Vice PresidentPhillip EvansDavid ProbertMichael Leggo
SecretaryJ. ThomsonMark Taylor
TreasurerLindsay IngallPeter Lewis
CouncillorJorg BeinDonald Emerson
CouncillorKen GlassonPhillip Evans
CouncillorGreg KotzeKen Glasson
CouncillorDavid ProbertLloyd Hamilton
CouncillorRichard FacerTony Howland-Rose
CouncillorLloyd HamiltonJorg Bein
CouncillorDoug JonesRichard Facer
CouncillorJohn LordDoug Jones
CouncillorMark TaylorGreg Kotze
CouncillorJohn Lord

PresidentMichael LeggoMichael LeggoMike Smith
Vice PresidentKen WilliamsLeigh BettanyMichael Leggo
SecretaryIain PatersonIain Paterson
TreasurerLindsay IngallLindsay IngallLindsay Ingall
CouncillorPeter LewisGreg CorbettLeigh Bettany
CouncillorIain PatersonRobert DuncanGreg Corbett
CouncillorTony Howland-RoseRodney EvansRobert Duncan
CouncillorJorg BeinKen GlassonBrenda Franklin
CouncillorRichard FacerLloyd HamiltonKen Glasson
CouncillorColin WardTony Howland-RoseBrian Gulson
CouncillorRodney EvansPeter LewisLloyd Hamilton
CouncillorRobert DuncanMike SmithTony Howland-Rose
CouncillorKen GlassonColin WardPeter Lewis
CouncillorLloyd HamiltonColin Ward
CouncillorMark Taylor

PresidentMike SmithMike SmithIan Levy
Vice PresidentMichael LeggoIan LevyMike Smith
SecretaryIain PatersonIain PatersonIain Paterson
TreasurerLindsay IngallLindsay IngallLindsay Ingall
CouncillorLeigh BettanyWilliam AmmanWilliam Amman
CouncillorGreg CorbettLeigh BettanyLeigh Bettany
CouncillorBrenda FranklinRobert DuncanRobert Duncan
CouncillorKen GlassonBrian GulsonLloyd Hamilton
CouncillorBrian GulsonLloyd HamiltonMichael Leggo
CouncillorLloyd HamiltonMichael LeggoChris Lane
CouncillorTony Howland-RoseChris LanePaulino Piotto
CouncillorPeter LewisPaulino PiottoBill Shaw
CouncillorColin WardBill ShawColin Ward
CouncillorColin Ward

PresidentIan LevyBill ShawBill Shaw
Vice PresidentMike SmithIan LevyAndrew Waltho
SecretaryIain PatersonLeigh BettanyLeigh Bettany
TreasurerLindsay IngallIan NeussIan Neuss
CouncillorWilliam AmmanWilliam AmmanWilliam Amman
CouncillorLeigh BettanyGreg CorbettGreg Corbett
CouncillorBrian GulsonBrian GulsonIan Levy
CouncillorLloyd HamiltonLloyd HamiltonSam Lees
CouncillorMichael LeggoLindsay IngallKaylene Camuti
CouncillorChris LaneIain PatersonIain Paterson
CouncillorIan NeussPaulino PiottoSusan Vearncombe
CouncillorPaulino PiottoHarvey RyanGeoffrey Turner
CouncillorBill ShawMike SmithMike Smith
CouncillorColin WardColin WardColin Ward

PresidentAndrew WalthoGreg CorbettGreg Corbett
Vice PresidentBill ShawAndrew WalthoAndrew Waltho
SecretaryGraham JeffressGraham JeffressGraham Jeffress
TreasurerGeoff TurnerGeoff TurnerJohn Bishop
CouncillorJohn BishopWilliam AmmanRick Rogerson
CouncillorKaylene CamutiJohn BishopKaylene Camuti
CouncillorGreg CorbettKaylene CamutiSam Lees
CouncillorSam LeesSam LeesDenis Gee
CouncillorDennis GeeDennis GeeMatthew Huggan
CouncillorIan NeussMatthew HugganGraham Teale
CouncillorIain PatersonGraham TealeMike Smith
CouncillorMike SmithMike SmithJohn Warner
CouncillorSusan VearncombeSusan VearncombeAndrew Waltho
CouncillorDoug YoungDoug YoungDoug Young

PresidentAndrew WalthoAndrew WalthoRick Rogerson
Vice PresidentGeoff TurnerGeoff TurnerAndrew Waltho
SecretaryGraham JeffressGraham JeffressRon Adams
TreasurerJohn BishopRick RogersonGraham Jeffress
CouncillorRick RogersonMarcus HarrisKaylene Camuti
CouncillorMartin RobinsonMartin RobinsonMarcus Harris
CouncillorKaylene CamutiKaylene CamutiGraham Teale
CouncillorSam LeesSam LeesSam Lees
CouncillorChris LaneChris LaneMartin Robinson
CouncillorMatthew HugganChris TorreyChris Torrey
CouncillorGraham TealeGraham TealeGeoff Turner
CouncillorMike SmithGreg CorbettDoug Young
CouncillorJohn CramsieAndrew TunksPaul Burrell
CouncillorDoug YoungDoug YoungGerry Fahey
AlternateKate Godber

PresidentAndrew WalthoAndrew WalthoMartin Robinson
Vice PresidentRick RogersonRick RogersonAndrew Waltho
SecretaryRon AdamsRon AdamsRon Adams
TreasurerGraham JeffressGraham JeffressGraham Jeffress
CouncillorKaylene CamutiKaylene CamutiKaylene Camuti
CouncillorMarcus HarrisMarcus HarrisMarcus Harris
CouncillorGraham TealeGraham TealeGraham Teale
CouncillorSam LeesSam LeesMike Erceg
CouncillorMartin RobinsonMartin RobinsonRick Rogerson
CouncillorRodney FraserRodney FraserRodney Fraser
CouncillorWendy CorbettWendy CorbettWendy Corbett
CouncillorDoug YoungDoug YoungDoug Young
CouncillorPaul BurrellPaul BurrellGreg Corbett
CouncillorGerry FaheyGerry FaheyGerry Fahey
CouncillorJillian IrvinJillian Irvin
AlternateKate GodberKate GodberKate Godber

PresidentMartin RobinsonMartin RobinsonAndrew Waltho
Vice PresidentAndrew WalthoAndrew WalthoMartin Robinson
SecretaryRon AdamsRon AdamsRon Adams
TreasurerGraham JeffressRick RogersonRick Rogerson
CouncillorKaylene CamutiKaylene CamutiKaylene Camuti
CouncillorMarcus HarrisSteve SugdenSteve Sugden
CouncillorGraham TealeGraham TealeGraham Teale
CouncillorMike ErcegMike ErcegMike Erceg
CouncillorRick RogersonRodney FraserGraham Jeffress
CouncillorRodney FraserMichael EdwardsRodney Fraser
CouncillorWendy CorbettDoug YoungWayne Spilsbury
CouncillorDoug YoungGreg CorbettDoug Young
CouncillorGreg CorbettGerry FaheyGreg Corbett
CouncillorGerry FaheyJillian IrvinGerry Fahey
CouncillorJillian IrvinGraham JeffressJillian Irvin
AlternateGrace CummingGrace CummingGrace Cumming

PresidentKaylene CamutiKaylene CamutiWayne Spilsbury
Vice PresidentWayne SpilsburyWayne SpilsburyKaylene Camuti
SecretaryRon AdamsRon AdamsRon Adams
TreasurerRick RogersonSteve SugdenSteve Sugden
CouncillorGraham TealeHeather CareyHeather Carey
CouncillorSteve SugdenGraham TealeGraham Teale
CouncillorMike ErcegAnne TomlinsonAnne Tomlinson
CouncillorGraham JeffressMartin RobinsonMartin Robinson
CouncillorRodney FraserDoug YoungAdrian Diaz
CouncillorJonathan BellMike ErcegMike Erceg
CouncillorDoug YoungMichael EdwardsKatarina David
CouncillorIan NeussIan NeussIan Neuss
CouncillorMichael EdwardsJonathan BellJonathan Bell
CouncillorAnne TomlinsonAndrew WalthoAndrew Waltho
CouncillorAndrew Waltho
AlternateGrace CummingGrace CummingGrace Cumming

PresidentWayne SpilsburyMike ErcegMike Erceg
Vice PresidentMike ErcegWayne SpilsburyAndy Wilde
SecretaryAdrian DiazAndy WildeWayne Spilsbury
TreasurerPeter LewisPeter LewisPeter Lewis
CouncillorAndrew WalthoAndrew WalthoAndrew Waltho
CouncillorKaylene CamutiKaylene CamutiKaylene Camuti
CouncillorRobert FindlayRobert FindlayRobert Findlay
CouncillorAnne TomlinsonAnne TomlinsonJames Llorca
CouncillorMartin RobinsonMartin RobinsonBrendan Howard
CouncillorSteve SugdenKatarina DavidKatarina David
CouncillorKatarina DavidPatrick MaherPatrick Maher
CouncillorIan NeussJonathan BellJonathan Bell
CouncillorJonathan BellTim CraskeTim Craske
CouncillorTimothy PippettTimothy Pippett

PresidentMike ErcegAndrew WalthoAndrew Waltho
Vice PresidentRobert FindlayWendy BeetsWendy Beets
SecretaryWayne SpilsburyRod CarlsonLeah Moore
TreasurerTimothy PippettTimothy PippettRod Carlson
CouncillorAndrew WalthoRobert FindlayAndy Wilde
CouncillorAlistair ReedBeau NicholsBeau Nichols
CouncillorBrendan HowardDale SimsRobert Findlay
CouncillorJames LlorcaDavid AndreazzaChris Dickinson
CouncillorJohn SykesKatarina DavidDale Sims
CouncillorJonathan BellLeah MooreJames Llorca
CouncillorKatarina DavidMatthew CobbKatarina David
CouncillorKaylene CamutiNicole Galloway WarlandMatthew Cobb
CouncillorMatthew CobbPatrick MaherNicole Galloway Warland
CouncillorPatrick MaherSophie HancockSophie Hancock

PresidentDale SimsDale Sims
Vice PresidentChris DickinsonChris Dickinson
SecretaryMark DerrimanMark Derriman
TreasurerRod CarlsonRod Carlson
DirectorAndrew WalthoKatarina David
DirectorAndy WildeNicole Galloway
DirectorBeau NicholsJames Llorca
DirectorDoug MenziesLeah Moore
DirectorJames LlorcaBeau Nicholls
DirectorKatarina DavidAndrew Waltho
DirectorLeah MooreAndy Wilde
DirectorNicole Galloway WarlandDoug Menzies
DirectorMark RynhoudMark Rynhoud
DirectorGenna McDonaghGenna McDonagh