AIG offers several categories of membership to both professional geoscientists, students, and members of the public or non-commercial/non-profit organisations with a special interest in Australian geoscience. Corporate membership of the Institute is not available.


AIG members are required to have a minimum of five years relevant professional experience, which has included roles where members have been required to exercise independent judgement for at least three of those years.  AIG members are recognised by the post-nominal MAIG.


Fellow is a grade of membership that provides special recognition of a significant contribution to the geoscience profession, either within Australia or overseas.  This could include:

  • helping to advance geoscientific knowledge through professional publications and conference presentations;
  • participating in the professional development of young geoscientists through training and mentoring;
  • active participation in the work of a professional or learned geoscience society; or
  • promoting geoscience as a profession within the community.

More complete guidelines are available here.  AIG Fellows are recognised by the post nominal FAIG.


Graduate membership is available to qualified geoscientists who have not yet obtained the professional experience required for admission as a member.  Graduates are expected to upgrade to Member after attaining the requisite professional experience required for this grade of membership.


Student membership is available, at no cost, to full time undergraduate or honours students studying geoscience at Australian universities. Post-graduate students who have a non-geoscience undergraduate degree can also apply at this level.


Associate membership is available to members of the public and non-commercial organisations with an interest in Australian geoscience.


Registered Professional Geoscientist (RPGeo)

AIG’s RPGeo Program provides independent verification and recognition of continued professional development activities by members.  Participants in the program, which is optional, are required to complete a specified number of professional development hours each year (averaged over a three year period) and maintenance of a record of these activities, which may be audited at any time by AIG’s Registration Board.  Registration is available in a range of fields.  Participants in this program demonstrate a strong, individual commitment to maintenance and continued development of their professional qualifications, recognised by the use of the post nominal RPGeo in additon to that appropriate to their grade of AIG membership (i.e. FAIG RPGeo or MAIG RPGeo).