What’s the timing on membership renewals?

Renewal notices are emailed to your preferred email address in June of each year in time for membership renewals to be paid before the end of the current financial year to assure tax deductibility for eligible members.

What happens if I don’t pay within the specified period?

Membership renewals are due by July 1 annually. Members who fail to renew their membership by September 30 of the same year are considered to be unfinancial members. Failure to renew your membership by September 30 will result in your membership and associated benefits being terminated. For Members and Fellows, this will affect your eligibility to sign off as a Competent Person under the JORC code and NI43-101.

What if my contact details have changed and I haven’t received a renewal notice?

Renewal notices are sent out to your preferred email address in June of each year. To make sure that you receive these, ensure you keep your contact details updated via your Member Portal. Should your membership dues remain unpaid after three months (i.e. by 30 September) then your membership will be deactivated. For Members and Fellows, this will affect your eligibility to sign off as a Competent Person under the JORC code and NI43-101.

What happens if my membership has lapsed?

If your membership has lapsed, you may be reinstated at the grade of membership you previously held by (i) paying a reinstatement fee along with payment for the current subscription period, and (ii) providing a signed declaration that you have complied with the AIG Code of Ethics during your lapsed period.

Please contact the Membership Administrator at membership@aig.org.au for further information.

What if I want to re-apply at a higher grade of membership than I previously held?

You will need to submit a new membership application together with the appropriate supporting documentation.

Why is my application for membership taking so long?

Applications can take longer than expected for the following reasons:

  • You have failed to upload the necessary documentation, for example, your CV or academic transcript/degree.
  • Your proposers have not confirmed their knowledge of your experience. This can be for several reasons:
    • You have not advised your nominated proposers to expect an email to confirm this, or
    • Their primary email address has blocked our emails. (Large companies will do this.)
  • You have not paid the application fee.

If you have any queries, please contact the membership committee at membership@aig.org.au

What if I will be unable to pay my dues?

The AIG Board will consider applications to defer or suspend membership fees from members experiencing financial difficulties due to unemployment, underemployment (in the case of self-employed members), or an extended period during which the member will not practice as a professional geoscientist.  Each application is considered individually in light of the various circumstances under which members may seek concessions. Retired members are entitled to concessional membership fees. Email requests for consideration to membership@aig.org.au.

What if I’ve gained additional qualifications or changed my name or address, etc?

If any of your details change at any time, log into the Member Portal to update your Profile.

If my membership has lapsed and I rejoin, is my RPGeo status automatically reinstated?

No. Registered Professional Geoscientist (RPGeo) status contains an explicit commitment to continued professional development (CPD). This commitment is auditable and a cross-section of RPGeo members’ CPD records is audited annually by the Registration Board.

If your membership has lapsed but you have continued your professional development during the lapsed period you can apply to have your RPGeo status reinstated by submitting to the Registration Board (i) your CPD record for review and (ii) a signed declaration that you have complied with the AIG Code of Ethics during your lapsed period. Following a satisfactory review of the above by the Registration Board, your RPGeo status may be reinstated.

If the Registration Board is of the opinion that the information you have provided is inadequate, you will be advised. If you cannot present a satisfactory CPD record to the Registration Board you will need to submit a new application for Registration as an RPGeo. Your submission will need to include the application fee and all necessary supporting documentation. It will be evaluated entirely on its merits. The Guidelines for Registration as RPGeo are available from here. The application kit can be found here.

If I’m an AIG member, am I automatically a Competent Person under the JORC Code?

No. A Competent Person under JORC must be a member of a professional institution (e.g. AIG); however, under the Code, a Competent Person must also be able to demonstrate a minimum of five years’ experience relevant to (i) the style of mineralisation, (ii) the type of deposit under consideration, and (iii) the stage of project development being undertaken. In other words, if a Competent Person is preparing a report on gold exploration results, the relevant experience must be in gold exploration.
For further information on the definition of a Competent Person, please refer to Clause 11 of the JORC Code. Any individual proposing to work as a Competent Person must assess their ability to meet the Clause 11 requirements for each project they undertake.

If you have any questions about your membership, please don’t hesitate to contact the Membership Administrator at membership@aig.org.au or your local AIG Branch.