AIG Journal

AIG members will be aware from recent articles in email newsletters and the AIG Linkedin Group of the the plan to relaunch AIG Journal, the Institute’s on-line technical publication, this year.

The plans for this were reviewed by Council yesterday, at the annual strategic planning meeting being held in Bendigo, Victoria this weekend.

AIG Journal will re-launch in the next few weeks, using the existing name.  The journal will provide members with a platform for publication of both papers and short technical articles on any aspect of geoscience.  The relaunched journal will feature an “AIG Notebook” section, specifically intended to encourage the publication of short articles on applied and practice geoscience topics such as field and data analysis techniques, geological observations and technical innovation.  AIG Notebook will also provide a means of publishing extended abstracts of presentations to AIG convened conferences and seminars where these have not been used in the publication of an AIG Bulletin.

All articles will be original and will be peer reviewed.  The review processes employed will be directed towards rapid publication of material submitted to the journal.

The journal won’t follow a publication schedule.  Papers will be published in both the journal and AIG Notebook sections will be collated to produce an annual compendium that will be available for sale in both electronic (download, CD-ROM) and printed form.  Selected articles will also be published from time to time in AIG News.  At least one author will need to be an AIG member.

Guidelines for authors will be available on the journal web site when it is relaunched using the papers that were previously published in the journal.

AIG members are invited to join the Publications Committee which will manage the journal’s publication, or to be called on as needed to peer review papers.  Please express your interest here if you would like to join the editorial panel or you are prepared to act as a peer reviewer from time to time.  Please include your contact details, fields of technical interest and a short (one or two paragraph bio) in your email.  Details of editorial panel members will be published on the AIG Journal web site.

Progress towards relaunching AIG Journal will appear on the AIG web site as the launch date approaches.