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The latest issue of AIG News (Issue 146) is now available.

AIG News has become a members publication from the beginning of 2022. Members have free access to AIG News. The latest issue is available by logging in to the membership portal (follow the Login link at the top right of the AIG website homepage). AIG News is in the Notices section of the portal. This is an interim arrangement for the current issue.

Non-members will be able to purchase future and previous editions of AIG News from the on-line shop, accessible through the AIG website.

We are currently working to make a complete set of AIG News back issues available on-line. Watch for news on this project. AIG News is also about to receive a facelift to improve its readability and appeal to both readers and advertisers. We are committed to providing members with a contemporary, informative member publication. Please contact the editor if you have any thoughts and suggestions for this.

In this issue:

  • Geoscientist unemployment at record levels
  • Geoscience education in the time of coronavirus
  • The finder and the minder
  • Uncertainty in geosciences as a giant room for human imagination
  • Data hell… merging databases. And for what end?
  • The Olympic Dam Iron Oxide Copper Gold deposit; the “Finger of GOD”; and the renaissance of the magnetotelluric (MT) method in Australia
  • upcoming conferences, branch news and much more!