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The Australian Geoscience Council will be hosting their 2018 Convention at the Adelaide Convention Centre, 14-18 October. Please visit the Convention Website for further information.

Keynote plenary sessions at the AGCC will address the major issues that impact Geoscience, such as Earth’s past and future climate; life origins and evolution; future resource security; geohazard risk and mitigation; and the future role of Geoscience in our society.

Technical Themes

We will soon be inviting abstracts in the following five themes:

  1. Understanding the Earth, will include sessions on deep Earth systems and planetary fluxes; planetary dynamics and geohazards; sedimentary basins; marine Geoscience; Earth’s climate – past, present and future; and the solar system and beyond.
  2. Life on Earth, featuring the origins and development of life; mass extinctions; ancient and historical Australia; the limits of life on earth; bio-geology; life beyond our planet; and, in homage to the host State, an Ediacaran Symposium.
  3. Resources, covering mineral systems and discovery under cover; petroleum frontiers, including unconventional hydrocarbons; the future of coal; the future energy mix; building our society – construction materials and industrial minerals; water resources; and Geoscience and sustainability of resources.
  4. Applied Geoscience in the 21st Century, discussing technical innovation; the application of Geoscience to risk identification and mitigation; mining, engineering, agriculture and manufacturing; and the increasing role of mathematical geology, artificial intelligence and robotics in Geoscience.
  5. Beyond the rocks, focussing on the current and future role that Geoscience plays and will play in our society, including education and advocacy, professionalism and ethics, economics and finance, and Geoscience solutions for the modern world.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

A range of sponsorship options are available to suit varying needs and budgets. For a copy of the Sponsorship Prospectus, please contact our Industry and Event specialist Jess Tuffley (

Meet the Committee

Please visit the committee page for a list of AGCC Organising Committee and Sub Committee Chairs

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