Symposia, Field Trips and Workshops 2013

AIG and Geoscientists Symposia are jointly presenting a series of symposia, field trips and workshops throughout 2013, expanding the number and diversity of professional development events and opportunities available to both AIG members and non-members. (more…)

Drilling for Geology

Drilling for Geology 2014

AIG’s Queensland Branch has commenced planning the next installment in the popular Drilling for Geology conference series, to be held in Brisbane in July 2014.

AIG has been looking at options to produce a comprehensive drilling handbook, covering aspects of drilling data collection, analysis and project management with a focus on mineral and coal resource evaluation. The scope of the handbook would cover sampling of cored and non-cored drill holes, drill hole surveying, geophysical data collection and analysis and geotechnical data collection, and use of oriented core to collect structural data, drill site safety, permitting and rehabiloitation (to list a few areas of focus).   The conference is being considered as a platform for progressing this concept. (more…)

Geoscientist Employment November 2012

Latest AIG Geoscientist Employment Survey

AIG, in 2008, commenced a series of surveys to monitor the impact of the global economic downturn on geoscientist employment throughout Australia. These surveys provided valuable data that was used by AIG in conjunction with other industry groups to track the impact of the downturn in exploration and mining geoscience employment, and the subsequent recovery of employment as economic conditions improved. (more…)

Competency Processes: How we undermine our own self regulation

Competency Processes: How we undermine our own self regulation

Jacqui Coombes is a highly experienced resource geologist and a PhD candiate at Edith Cowan University where her research is examining the learning experiences and requirements required to achieve competence as a geoscientist in Australia. 


A Student’s Perspective of 34IGC

A Student’s Perspective of 34IGC

The following article was written by Leeann Halley, a PhD student at the School of Environmental and Rural Science at the University of New England, Armidale NSW.

As a student, the thought of attending a huge International Conference in a field you are passionate about, is exciting, albeit a little daunting.  The actuality of this IGC was different to what I had envisioned, and it was quite amazing.

It was obvious as you walked in the door that this was an event of extreme importance. The Brisbane Convention Centre is enormous and each day you entered with hundreds of others. The Opening Ceremony, in a large tiered theatre with thousands of people from all over the world, was equally exciting and I felt very privileged to be sponsored by the AIG.

igc leann hally

Leeann (second from left) with Mike Smith (AGC Chairman), Emma Johnson (University of Newcastle) and Mike Erceg (AIG Councillor) (more…)