IUGS Task Group on Global Geoscience Professionalism

The Member Organizations of the International Union of Geological Science’s new Task Group on Global Geoscience Professionalism (TG-GGP) are pleased to report on its recent progress and to announce the launch of its website at, as a service to geoscientists and the geoscience profession. The TG-GGP will continue to expand this website to add to its value to the profession, globally.

AIG is a member of the task group’s executive committee.

Geoscientists are relied upon to directly serve the public by providing expert services and opinions on which others rely for key decision-making. As a consequence geoscience is a now a recognized profession as well as the scientific discipline it has always been.

Formed by the IUGS at the 34th International Geological Congress in Brisbane, Australia, in August 2012, the Task Group on Global Geoscience Professionalism (“TG-GGP”) recognises this transformation and provides a single global forum for interchange on professional affairs in geoscience worldwide.

The Task Group has been set up by a group of national and international professional geoscience organisations from around the world, representatives of which have formed an executive committee.  Further information regarding the task group is available here.

30 Nov 2013

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