Latest AIG Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey Open

The latest instalment in the AIG Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey series is open for contributions until 28th February.

These surveys were commenced to track the impact of the global economic downturn on geoscience employment in 2009 but have since demonstrated the ability of geoscientist employment trends to foresee upturns and downturns in the fortunes of Australia’s exploration and mining industries and provided invaluable data for presenting the impact of government policy decisions on exploration and mining activity.

The format of the surveys has been kept consistent for much of this period to help ensure that data is comparable from one survey to another.  The ongoing success of the survey series depends directly on your support.  The surveys are being conducted each quarter at the moment due to the dynamic employment conditions evident for geoscientists in Australia.

The minute or two that it takes to complete the survey makes a difference.

Please contribute to the institute’s work in the employment field by completing the survey before the closing date and encouraging your colleagues and friends to contribute.  You do not have to be an AIG member to participate.

Click here to complete the survey.

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