Physical and Life Sciences General Knowledge

The U.S.A. National Sciences Foundation (NSF) asked 2200 Americans 10 questions to test their general knowledge of basic physical and life sciences in 2012.   The results of the 2012 survey were included in a major report, Science and Engineering Indicators 2014, presented to the U.S. President and Congress.

The NSF plan to repeat the survey in the USA in 2014.  The survey has also been recently put to the general public in the USA, China, the EU, India, Japan, Russia, Malaysia and South Korea.

How does the general knowledge of Australians compare?  Complete the survey here (10 multiple choice questions) to help find out.  On completing the survey you will be redirected to a link that presents the survey results for the USA and other countries.

The survey is open to anyone to complete – feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

22 Feb 2014

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