“Earth’s Connected Systems” – Theme Announced for Earth Science Week 2014

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has announced that the theme of Earth Science Week 2014 will be “Earth’s Connected Systems.” This year’s event will promote awareness of the dynamic interactions of the planet’s natural systems.

Earth Science Week 2014 learning resources and activities will engage young people and others in exploring the ways that geoscience illuminates natural change processes. By deepening our understanding of interactions of Earth systems — geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere — Earth science helps us manage our greatest challenges and make the most of vital opportunities.

“With this theme, Earth Science Week cuts to the core of Earth science and what it means to society,” says Geoff Camphire, AGI’s Manager of Outreach. “The interactions of Earth systems are at the heart of our most critical issues, from energy and the environment to climate change and emerging economic realities. No matter where we come from or where we’re going, we all need to understand Earth’s connected systems.”

Reaching over 50 million people annually, AGI leads Earth Science Week in cooperation with its sponsors and the geoscience community as a service to the public. Each year, community groups, educators, and interested citizens organize celebratory events. Earth Science Week offers the public opportunities to discover the Earth sciences and engage in responsible stewardship of the Earth.

Earth Science Week is coordinated globally by AGI and supported by national geoscience organisations throughout the world, including Geoscience Australia.  AIG regularly arranges events to help mark Earth Science Week in Australia.  AIG is an AGI Affiliate Society.

Earth Science Week 2014 will be celebrated October 12-18. For more about this week and ways to get involved — including newsletters, local events, and classroom activities — please see the Earth Science Week web site at

2 Feb 2014