Proposed Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (“APX”) Listing Rule Amendments and Guidance Notes

The Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (“APX”)  today (1 May 2014) published a consultation paper in relation to APX Listing Rule Amendments and Guidance Notes.

APX is issuing this Consultation Paper to facilitate public comment on its proposals to introduce the following:

  1. Guidance Note 3 – Continuous Disclosure;
  2. APX Listing Rules – Chapter 12A – Other Continuing Obligations for Oil & Gas Listees;
  3. APX Listing Rules – Chapter 12B – Other Continuing Obligations for Mining Listees;
  4. Guidance Note 5 – Reporting of Oil & Gas Listees;
  5. Guidance Note 6 – Reporting of Mining Listees;
  6. APX Listing Rules – Consequential rule amendments; and,
  7. A new Appendix 12-2 (Mining Exploration Listee and Oil & Gas Exploration Listee Quarterly Reporting) and amended Appendices 15-1 (Half Year Report) and 15-2 (Full Year Indicative Report).

The Consultation Documents are available on the APX website.

Consultation will end on Friday, 23rd May 2014.

For further information contact Simon O’Brien, Manager – Market Supervision, Asia Pacific Stock Exchange.

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