Relaunching AIG’s On-line Technical and Professional Issues Publication

AIG is relaunching it’s on-line technical publication in the next few weeks.

The publication was originally known as AIG Journal and was on-line for a number of years, providing members with a means of publishing a range of technical articles, from short notes to complete technical papers. The journal site has been off-line for some time due to web site management issues that have now been resolved.

Initial thinking favoured using “Field Notes” as a new name for the publication, but it’s been pointed out that this name is used by the Geological Survey of Western Australia for their quarterly newsletter.  A name is being sought that helps to promote the publication’s primary role as a vehicle for the rapid publication of short technical notes and papers, and articles dealing with professional practice issues, in a means that will provide for interactive discussion of articles and papers through comments that will also be published. The intention is that all publications will be reviewed rapidly prior to publication, but that the most rigorous component of the review process will be the discussion of contributions with other members.  Field Notes is intended to help showcase the skills of AIG members in a wide range of geoscientific fields, and its hoped that it will also become a resource for young geoscientists entering the profession by proving topical and sound guidance on the application of geoscientific techniques.

The publication will be managed by the AIG Publications committee, a sub-committee of Council that is also responsible for the web site, AIG News and other Institute publications. Members are invited to express interest in supporting the publication, which will primarily involve the occasional review of contributions. We are also looking for a small number of members to form an editorial board that will review content, help to promote the publication and play an active role in moderating discussions.

Only AIG Members, Fellows, Graduates and Students will be eligible to publish articles and papers. Both members and non-members, however, will be able to access the publication and contribute to discussions of articles and papers. There will be no publication or access charges.

Any thoughts on a name?

Mineral Project Reporting Under NI 43-101

EduMineLogoThe on-line course available through Edumine, Mineral Project Reporting Under NI 43-101, provided by CIM, has been updated.

This is a course for professional engineers and geoscientists concerned with mineral project reporting for an issuer on a Canadian stock exchange. It is also a reference source of mineral project reporting standards for property owners, securities analysts and regulators.

The course comprises 15 viewing sessions of 30–60 minutes each with supporting references and interactive course reviews. The course includes PDF versions of NI 43-101 and many of the supporting references. Course duration is equivalent to approximately 12 hours of viewing content.

The course provides guidance for the preparation of a technical report under National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, Form 43-101 F1 – Technical Report, and Companion Policy 43-101 CP (NI 43-101). NI 43-101 establishes the standards for all public disclosure of scientific and technical information about a mineral project. NI 43-101 became effective on February 1, 2001 and is a law that is applicable across Canada. It requires that all disclosure be based on advice provided by a “Qualified Person” and in some circumstances that the person be independent of the issuer and the property. NI 43-101 also requires that issuers file technical reports at specific times and in a prescribed format.

This course has been developed and peer-reviewed for the Professional Development Program of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum.

AIG provides a dedicated Edumine campus for members.  Visit the AIG Edumine page for details.

USGS Geoscience Education Resources for Kindergarden to Undergraduate Students

Geoscience educators in Australia may not be aware that the U.S. Geological Survey publishes a wide range of geoscience teaching resources on a dedicated web site

USGS Education

The USGS is the largest public geoscience organisation in the world.  Their education web site provides teachers with links to lesson plans and a wide range of background materials and images, access to maps, videos and on-line lectures that are valuable resources in lesson development, most of which are available free of charge.

Australian Coal Guidelines Review

AIG has prepared a response to the review of the Australian Guidelines for the Estimation and Classification of Coal Resources which recommends that the guidelines should be published as a guide to sound practice for the coal industry but should not be considered to be a standard for public reporting of coal resources and reserves.  The latter should be performed in sole compliance with the JORC Code, with the 2012 edition of the Code providing a uniform standard for public reporting of resources and reserves across all commodities.

Having a single, uniform standard is considered to have significant benefits for both Competent Persons and industry.

Additionally, reference to external documents managed by groups external to JORC is considered to have potential to create confusion where JORC and any commodity specific guideline appear to differ on detailed technical issues.  The 2012 edition of the JORC Code sets new standards of accountability and disclosure for Competent Persons while remaining completely non-prescriptive with respect to the methods used to estimate, classify and report resources.  This approach provides ultimate flexibility in managing developments in resource evaluation, classification and reporting methodologies.

Follow the link below to view the AIG submission.

AIG Australian Coal Guidelines Review Submission




Gold14@Kalgoorlie is being presented by AIG and Geoscientists Symposia at Curtin University’s WMC Conference Centre, Kalgoorlie, Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th October 2014.

This international symposium will cover a wide range of themes relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s gold industry.


The symposium will be complemented by pre- and post-conference mine visits and short courses.  Visit the AIG Events Calendar for more information including a copy of the latest circular and updates as they come to hand.