AIG’s New Membership Information Management System

Implementation of AIG’s new membership management system has commenced.  The system will be accessed via a “Member Portal” button that will appear on the AIG web site home page ( during May and will allow you to maintain your own contact details, renew your membership subscription securely on-line, obtain copies of past membership invoices and manage your subscription to AIG email newsletters.   The system features a simple and clear user interface and is very easy to use.  The new system will help to ensure any questions by members can be answered quickly and efficiently by the AIG secretariat, Councillors or Council committee chairpersons, with the progress in resolving the issue tracked by the system.

All changes, including membership renewals, made to any profile in the system will be tracked to ensure any data integrity issues will be easy to identify and resolve.

The membership portal will also include a number of new features including:

  • Member classified advertisements (find a good home for those old journals!)
  • Employment advertisements
  • A CPD diary that applies AIG’s multipliers for CPD activity and reports CPD both year by year and on a three-year rolling average basis.  The diary is designed to assist RPGeo’s track their CPD but will be available to all members.

Your username will be your email address currently registered with AIG (based on the profile update sheet distributed with the 2013 membership renewals).  Each member will require a unique password.  If you currently use a shared email address for AIG correspondence, a new, unique email address will be required.  All current members will be sent a username and initial password for accessing the new system during the third week of May.  A notice will appear on the AIG web site and by distributed by email when this takes place so that if you don’t receive a username and initial password you can immediately resolve this.

The 2014 membership renewal notices will be raised by the new system and distributed in early June to provide time for payment by June 30 in order to take advantage of tax deductibility in the 2014 financial year.

What you need to do to help with the transition to the new membership system:

Now:  If you currently use a shared email address, provide a new, unique address for use by the new system to AIG’s Executive Officer, Lynn Vigar by email to  If you’re uncertain about your email address please contact Lynn.

Third week of May: Watch for your username and initial password notification and notice that they have been distributed by email and on the AIG web site.  If you don’t receive this notification, the web site and advisory email will contain instructions for resolving the issue.

When you receive your login information:  Access the portal via and ensure your profile is accurate and up to date to ensure that you receive your 2014 membership renewal during June.

The new system will help AIG remain a low cost and responsive institute focussed on the interests of members.

Proposed Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (“APX”) Listing Rule Amendments and Guidance Notes

The Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (“APX”)  today (1 May 2014) published a consultation paper in relation to APX Listing Rule Amendments and Guidance Notes.

APX is issuing this Consultation Paper to facilitate public comment on its proposals to introduce the following:

  1. Guidance Note 3 – Continuous Disclosure;
  2. APX Listing Rules – Chapter 12A – Other Continuing Obligations for Oil & Gas Listees;
  3. APX Listing Rules – Chapter 12B – Other Continuing Obligations for Mining Listees;
  4. Guidance Note 5 – Reporting of Oil & Gas Listees;
  5. Guidance Note 6 – Reporting of Mining Listees;
  6. APX Listing Rules – Consequential rule amendments; and,
  7. A new Appendix 12-2 (Mining Exploration Listee and Oil & Gas Exploration Listee Quarterly Reporting) and amended Appendices 15-1 (Half Year Report) and 15-2 (Full Year Indicative Report).

The Consultation Documents are available on the APX website.

Consultation will end on Friday, 23rd May 2014.

For further information contact Simon O’Brien, Manager – Market Supervision, Asia Pacific Stock Exchange.

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