Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies Underway

The 13th annual Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies, recognised by many as the go-to global rankings for mining investment is open for submissions.  

The Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank, conducts an annual global survey of mining industry executives and managers to rank jurisdictions around the world based on their attractiveness to mining investment.

The results help identify the countries, states, and provinces whose mining policies either attract or repel investors. Participants also offer critical insight into the policy issues that matter most to the global mining industry.

Every year, we strive to increase our response rate with sufficient data to evaluate more mining jurisdictions worldwide, providing governments with candid, measurable feedback on their mining policy framework.

The survey can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Participants will be thanked by receiving an electronic copy of the survey at the time of its release.  All information collected through the survey remains confidential.  Officers, managers, and other experts with mining exploration and development companies, and their advisors, are asked to complete the 2014 survey questionnaire with respect to jurisdictions about which they are knowledgeable.

To participate in this year’s survey, please visit

The survey will continue until the middle of November.

The 2013 survey of mining companies: 2013 (published March 2014) ranked the investment climate of 112 jurisdictions around the world based on the opinions of mining executives representing 690 mineral exploration and development companies. Participating companies reported exploration spending of $4.6 billion US in 2012 and $3.4 billion US in 2013.  The survey provides a ranking of Australia overall, and individual states, as destinations for exploration investment in a truly global context.

To learn more about this project, please contact Taylor Jackson, survey coordinator, by telephone at (604) 688-0221 ext. 553 or by email.

CSIRO Mineral Exploration Seminars this November

The CSIRO Mineral Resources Flagship will hold two mining and exploration seminars in Mount Isa, Qld and Perth WA during November.

The first seminar on Monday the 10th November 2014 at the Ibis Styles in Mount Isa will examine the latest research into exploration concepts and tools being developed by the Mineral Resources Flagship in CSIRO. Presentations will focus on research in the Mount Isa Inlier or applications that could be used in Mount Isa. The diverse series of presentations are listed below. Additionally, the final session will be an open panel discussion to better understand exploration challenges in the Mount Isa Inlier and potential solutions through research.

Topics include:

  • Mineral systems approach to exploration
  • Hyperspectral data and the Mount Isa Inlier
  • Regolith processes and the Mount Isa Inlier
  • Geophysical case studies of the Mount Isa InlierGesocience data and seemless access for industry
  • Probabilistic modelling – Mine case study
  • Alternative views on the tectonics of the Mount Isa Inlier
  • pXRF best practice and applications
  • Landscape evolution modelling for mineral exploration
  • Stable isotopes in mineral exploration
  • Advanced characterisation facilities

The Perth seminar will be held on Thursday the 13th November 2014 at the Australian Resources Research Centre in Perth. The seminar provides the latest research into exploration concepts and tools being developed by the Mineral Resources Flagship in CSIRO. Presentations will be targeted at Australian exploration issues, ranging from the application of ultrafine fraction gold for exploration in regolith dominated terrains to magnetic remnance and magma physics of sulfide systems.

Topics include:

  • Stable isotopes and mineral exploration
  • Advancing exploration using spectral data
  • Calcrete and plants and their link to gold mineralisation
  • Landscape evolution and exploration in the Albany-Fraser Orogen
  • Isotopic terrain mapping
  • Indicator heavy minerals for exploration through cover
  • Uranium mineral systems
  • Groundwater isotopes and ratios for exploration in the Northern Yilgarn Craton
  • Advanced characterisation: new insights into exploration and resource samples

Visit the AIG Events Calendar for further information or download the Mount Isa and Perth registration brochures.

AIG members are entitled to discount registration for both seminars.

Unearthing Coal Seam Gas

A new video by CSIRO provides an overview of what’s involved in coal seam gas production.

The CSIRO animation provides an overview of the coal seam gas extraction process, from drilling the well to what happens to the extracted gas and water. Also explained are some potential impacts of coal seam gas development and the technique used to increase the rate of gas and water flow, known as hydraulic fracturing (fraccing).

Coal seam gas was first produced in Queensland in 1997. Development of the resource has been continuing steadily since then for both domestic supply and more recently in the production of export LNG.

The video explains how coal seam gas wells are lined with cement and steel casings to protect groundwater from being contaminated – a major concern of many local residents to CBM operations. CSIRO note that risks involved with drilling processes can be reduced, provided that appropriate precautionary measures are followed by the CBM project operator.

You can watch the video here.

Is Your Membership Up to Date?

AIG Membership renewals were distributed in June.  If you have not received your renewal notice, or paid your renewal yet, remember that you have until 30 September to maintain your membership.  

You can renew on-line at any time via the AIG membership portal, accessible via the AIG web site.  If you have any questions regarding your membership please contact  Its also important to maintain your contact details in the membership portal.  Please remember to update your details if you move or change your email address.

It’s important that AIG can keep in touch with your regarding your membership and member activities.


STEMCrAfT – A new University of Tasmania programme to support STEM teaching

STEMCrAfT – a new programme developed by the University of Tasmania provides assistance for teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Too often teachers are required to teach science, technology, engineering or mathematics when they don’t have a background in these areas. It is prevalent in rural areas.

For teachers it can be daunting and doesn’t always produce the best results.

The STEMCrAfT Project, developed by the University of Tasmania is a tool for teachers based on peer support. It provides STEM teachers with access to expert knowledge and allows them to select the best resources.

STEMCrAfT was recently the subject of a story on ABC Radio National’s The Science Show.  A transcript and podcast of the story is available from The Science Show web site.