AIG’s Industry Training Endorsement Initiative

AIG has implemented an initiative to endorse training and other forms of continued professional development offered to Australian geoscientists by companies and educational institutions.

Under this initiative, groups seeking endorsement of their training and CPD offerings are required to provide AIG with full details of the course outline and content, and collect structured feedback from all attendees which is also made available to AIG and used to assess the ongoing endorsement of the course.  AIG members are also offered  discounted registration.  Endorsement submissions are rigorously assessed by AIG’s Education sub-committee.

In return, continued professional development providers are entitled to use AIG’s continued professional development logo in promoting their endorsed offerings.

The initiative aims to help promote high quality continued professional development products and services and improve their accessibility by AIG members.

AIG congratulates Reflex on being the first group to have achieved endorsement of their continued professional development courses under the programme.

More information regarding the programme is available from AIG’s Councillor responsible for Education and former President of the Institute, Kaylene Camuti.

VALMIN Code Review


Comments on the exposure draft of the revised VALMIN Code close on Friday 17 July 2015. All interested individuals and companies are invited to make a submission.

The draft revised Code has been prepared in response to changes in market conditions and practices over the last decade since the publication of the VALMIN Code 2005. The look and feel of the VALMIN Code 2015 exposure draft is different to the VALMIN Code 2005, some of the terminology is different, while the methods and key principles are essentially the same.

To review the exposure draft, and for instructions on how to make a submission to the VALMIN Committee, click here.  Enquiries can be directed by email.

Compliance with the VALMIN Code compliance by AIG members is mandatory.  Interested members are urged to make a submission in order to help ensure that the code remains a practical and effective standard of best practice.