2015 AIG Student Bursary Program

The application form for the 2015 AIG Geoscience Student Bursary Program is now available from the AIG web site.  AIG Bursaries are offered to Third Year, Honours and Postgraduate students. 

The closing date for applications is the 28th July.

In addition to AIG bursaries offered in all geoscience fields, the AIG also offers a number of sponsored bursaries to students working in certain fields of geoscience or geological terrains, or enrolled at specific universities..  These sponsored bursaries include:

  • The DSD – AIG Geoscience Student bursary: offered to geoscience students at South Australian Universities.
  • The Macquarie Arc Conference-GSNSW – AIG bursary: offered to geoscience students working on mapping-based honours projects in the Lachlan Orogen, in or around the Macquarie Arc.
  • The SMEDG-AIG Bursaries: offered to NSW geoscience students working on projects related to mineral exploration.
  • The Jonathan Bell-Alexander Research – AIG bursary: offered to geoscience students working on cross-disciplinary projects related to mineral economics and finance.
  • The Davis – AIG geoscience bursaries: offered to geoscience students enrolled at JCU or UWA to assist with costs associated with field work.

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  1. Annick Manfrino MB ID 3124 says:

    Could you please tell me if some of the bursary offered are available to mining engineering students?

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