AIG’s National Graduate Committee Needs Your Help

AIG’s National Graduate Committee is asking members and friends to share their experiences gained when establishing their careers and working as an early career geoscientist.

A short survey has been developed which aims to collect information on:

  • what advice do you wish you were given during your early career?
  • what was the best piece of advice you received?
  • what issues/traits do you believe are evident in recent students and graduates that should be addressed?
  • what do you look for when seeking to employ a graduate geoscientist?
  • what advice can you offer to those wanting to survive the ‘busts’ and thrive in the ‘booms’?
  • what are some of the most useful things you learnt during your time at university studying geoscience?
  • what have you loved most about your career and what job during that journey has been the highlight and why?

Survey contributions will be used to shape the National Graduate Committee’s work and AIG’s mentoring programme.  The survey is available here.

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