AIG Annual General Meeting

AIG Members were, earlier today, sent notice of the Institute’s Annual General Meeting, to be held in Perth 18th May 2016.

Prior to the AGM, members will have the opportunity to participate in the election of half of the AIG Council positions and are asked to approve adoption of a new constitution for the Institute.  On-line voting for the Council positions and resolution to adopt the new constitution opened today and will close 18th May so that the results can be announced at the Institute AGM later that day.

There are nine candidates for seven Council positions.  Candidate profiles are available via the on-line election system.

The resolution to replace AIG’s current Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association is the culmination of work to bring the foundation documents for the Institute into line with current Australian corporate practice, while preserving the Institute’s current objectives and structure.  Again, details of the resolution are available via the on-line polling system.

Eligible members should have received their voting instructions, including a login code for the election site, by email earlier today.  If you have not received this email please contact Lynn Vigar, AIG’s Executive Officer.

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