QGIS Specialist Group

The AIG Council resolved in 2015 to support the development go technical specialist groups within AIG, to better support members with particular interests.

A proposal has been received to establish a QGIS Specialist Group, to provide a forum and network for members using QGIS software for geoscientifie mapping.  This, more by luck than design, coincides with several QGIS workshops either recently or in the next few weeks, convened by several AIG state branches.


Send an email to Mike Erceg, or leave a post on this page, expressing interest, how you use QGIS and what you think a specialist group within AIG could do for you.

Other specialist group proposals are at an early stage of development and proposals from members are welcome.

3 responses to “QGIS Specialist Group”

  1. Chris Glover says:

    Good Morning Mike,
    I am very new to QGIS but I am extremely interested in getting to know the software and understand ways in which it can assist in exploration. The fact that the software is freeware and is open to users designing new functionality is a potential game changer as users may start to drift away from the more traditional and expensive GIS packages. I think a specialist group within the AIG would be a great way to learn from other more experienced users within the geoscientific community. I would be particularly keen to see workshops run throughout Australia for members of the AIG.

  2. David Reid says:

    Hello QGIS specialist group,
    Are there any plans for workshops for new users of QGIS in the near future?
    Cheers David Reid

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