AIG Purpose

The AIG Council is working to better communicate AIG’s purpose to both members and the broader community.  The images are to be used in electronic and print communications, and at conferences and seminars.

What do you think?  Is there anything that needs to be added?  Let us know by adding a comment to this page or by email.





2 responses to “AIG Purpose”

  1. Christopher Bennett says:

    As the Engineering Geology members use the AIG as their primary voice in Australia due to membership registrictions with Engineers Australia, it would be nice to have a picture relating to this area of the institute (especially as membership is growing rapidly in this sector). I notice that the mining, exploration and scientific areas of the institute are represented but nothing in an engineering geology area. A way to show this would be a slope stabilisation, dam foundation or tunnel picture. I can provide one if this is of help. Thanks

    • Andrew Waltho says:

      Christopher, an image would be great please. We are always looking for content for inclusion in AIG materials. Thanks for your offer.

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