AIG Executive, Permanent and Working Committee Chairs for 2019-2020

The new Council met last Monday (20 May) to appoint Councillors to Executive Committee roles and standing committees.

The Executive positions for the coming year are:

President: Andrew Waltho
Vice President: Patrick Maher
Secretary: Rod Carlson
Treasurer: Tim Pippett

Permanent Committee Chairs:

Finance: Tim Pippett
Legal: Andrew Waltho
Qualifications and Membership: Patrick Maher
Registration Board: Sam Lees

The Complaints, Ethics and Standards and Risk and Audit Committee Chairs will be appointed at the Face to Face Council Meeting in June.

Working Committee Chairs:

Education: Kaylene Camuti
Geotourism: Ian Neuss
National Graduate Committee: Genna McDonaugh, Liaison: Katarina David
National Mentoring Program: Doug Young
National Rock Garden: Ken McQueen
Professional Issues: Wayne Spilsbury
Publications: Andrew Waltho
Reciprocal Recognition: Matthew Cobb
Service Award: Tim Pippett

The Nominations Committee Chair will be appointed at the Face to Face Council Meeting in June.

Lynn Vigar is continuing as AIG’s Executive Officer. AIG’s secretariat services will continue to be provided by The Association Specialists, Sydney, with a review of the secretariat contract planned for the coming year.

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