YES Network ‘Women in Geoscience’ Survey

The YES Network has recently launched the ‘Women in Geoscience Survey’, a global initiative launched with the UK Chapter of the International Association for Geoethics, with the aim to establish the needs and challenges faced by women in geosciences.

The survey comes in the context of a global initiative launched by the UK Chapter of the International Association for Geoethics (IAGETH)( to comemorate its newly formed Commission on Gender and Geoethics (CoGG). The YES Network will contribute to its first Special Issue and we hope to give an insight from our perspective about this topic.

Please take a few minutes to complete it and let us know if you have more ideas and suggestions to improve it and/or to contribute to the empowerment of women in this discipline, especially the early-career ones.

Edit: Survey now closed.

Note: This survey is basically made by and for women in the African and Asian continents. However, we have tried to adapt it to a broader audience and to both genders. We are eager to receive inputs and feedback from male and female geoscientists from the other parts of the world and comments to improve it. All contributions and initiatives are very welcome!

Relaunching AIG’s On-line Technical and Professional Issues Publication

AIG is relaunching it’s on-line technical publication in the next few weeks.

The publication was originally known as AIG Journal and was on-line for a number of years, providing members with a means of publishing a range of technical articles, from short notes to complete technical papers. The journal site has been off-line for some time due to web site management issues that have now been resolved.

Initial thinking favoured using “Field Notes” as a new name for the publication, but it’s been pointed out that this name is used by the Geological Survey of Western Australia for their quarterly newsletter.  A name is being sought that helps to promote the publication’s primary role as a vehicle for the rapid publication of short technical notes and papers, and articles dealing with professional practice issues, in a means that will provide for interactive discussion of articles and papers through comments that will also be published. The intention is that all publications will be reviewed rapidly prior to publication, but that the most rigorous component of the review process will be the discussion of contributions with other members.  Field Notes is intended to help showcase the skills of AIG members in a wide range of geoscientific fields, and its hoped that it will also become a resource for young geoscientists entering the profession by proving topical and sound guidance on the application of geoscientific techniques.

The publication will be managed by the AIG Publications committee, a sub-committee of Council that is also responsible for the web site, AIG News and other Institute publications. Members are invited to express interest in supporting the publication, which will primarily involve the occasional review of contributions. We are also looking for a small number of members to form an editorial board that will review content, help to promote the publication and play an active role in moderating discussions.

Only AIG Members, Fellows, Graduates and Students will be eligible to publish articles and papers. Both members and non-members, however, will be able to access the publication and contribute to discussions of articles and papers. There will be no publication or access charges.

Any thoughts on a name?

Coal Guidelines Review

An exposure draft of the Australian Guidelines for the Estimation and Classification of Coal Resources has been released for public comment.  The guidelines have been produced by a volunteer committee of industry representatives as a revision to the 2003 edition of the guidelines that were originally published by the Coalfield Geology Council of New South Wales and the Queensland Resources Council.

The exposure draft is available here.

Public comments are now invited.  To submit a comment click here.  Comments close COB Wednesday 7 May.

If you work with Coal Resources, you are encouraged to take a look at the exposure draft.

AIG will be preparing a response to the review.  AIG members are invited to provide any comments on the proposed guidelines to Andrew Waltho who will coordinate the AIG response and will provide feedback to members contributing to the response’s development.  You can also join a discussion of the guidelines on AIG’s Linkedin group.

Andrew Waltho
8 April 2014

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