Videos from Perth Mineral Systems Seminar Available on AIG’s YouTube Channel

Mineral Systems: Advances from traditional ore deposit models

This seminar was presented by AIG W.A. Branch in Perth, 11 August, 2014.  Videos of each presentation are available on the AIG YouTube channel.  Links are provided to each video below.

Keynote Presentation: Cam McCuaig, Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia

The Mineral System Concept: the key to productive exploration targeting  43:00 m

Trevor Beardsmore, Geological Survey of Western Australia

Minerals systems research in WA – new knowledge leading to new discoveries  34;33 m

Robbie Rowe, AMIRA

Roadmap to UNCOVER  21:15 m

John Walshe, CSIRO

A Mineral System Perspective on Archean Gold Deposits: architecture, fluids and reservoirs, transport and depositional processes  40:55 m

John Miller, Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia

Recent developments in understanding the formation of gold mineral systems in the Yilgarn  32:06 m

Jon Hronsky, Western Mining Services

Controls on high-grade gold ore shoots: towards a new paradigm  31:00 m

Ross Large, CODES

Advances and successes in using pyrite trace element chemistry to solve ore genesis, basin fertility and vectoring to ore  37:34 m

Lee Hassan, Geological Survey of Western Australia

A comparison of some VMS mineral systems in the Murchison region  58:26 m

Tony Donaghy, CSA Global

Contrasting strategies for nickel sulphide exploration – no use shaking the apple tree looking for oranges  21:30 m

Chris Wijns, First Quantum Minerals

From mineral systems to the drill hole: predicting and expanding the footprint of sediment-hosted copper deposits  31:43 m

Franco Pirajno, Geological Survey of Western Australia

Rare earths and carbonatites  18:17 m

Paul Duuring, Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia

BIF-hosted iron pre from a mineral systems perspective  33:14 m

Panel Discussion

Jon Hronsky, Robbie Rowe, Trevor Beardsmore and Cam McCuaig leqd a discussion of the day’s presentations and the mineral systems concept.  31:48 m

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