Has your SPAM filter blocked your AIG Membership renewal notice?

Membership renewal notices for 2016-2017 were emailed to members last week.

If you haven’t received yours, please check your inbox or junk mailbox.

No email?  Please contact AIG’s Executive Officer Lynn Vigar to arrange a copy of your notice.  Memberships renewed prior to 1 July are tax deductible in the 2015-2016 Financial Year for Australian residents.

AIG Strategy and Future Direction: Have Your Say

The AIG Council meets annually, face to face, to consider the Institute’s priorities and future direction in order to maintain AIG’s role as a dynamic, responsive and relevant organisation, providing support, professional services and opportunities for members.

This years meeting will be held in Adelaide during June.

A short survey has been prepared to seek input from members on a selection of topics to help inform councillors of members’ concerns, opinions and views leading up to this meeting.

Please take a few minutes to express your thoughts and ideas. Is the Institute meeting your expectations and needs, what could be done differently and should AIG be considering new directions in its core role of “Supporting Geoscientists”?

Answering most questions in this survey is optional. Your thoughts and opinions on each of the questions raised are, however, valued and appreciated. Those questions that require an answer have an asterisk (*) next to the question number.

Your response will be used by Council to help guide the direction of the Institute to ensure it remains highly relevant and responsive to members’ interests and needs.

Information regarding the survey has only been sent to AIG members.

Could you please respond to the survey, available here, by 13th June 2015.

Is Your Membership Up to Date?

AIG Membership renewals were distributed in June.  If you have not received your renewal notice, or paid your renewal yet, remember that you have until 30 September to maintain your membership.  

You can renew on-line at any time via the AIG membership portal, accessible via the AIG web site.  If you have any questions regarding your membership please contact  Its also important to maintain your contact details in the membership portal.  Please remember to update your details if you move or change your email address.

It’s important that AIG can keep in touch with your regarding your membership and member activities.


New membership portal and renewals FAQs

If you’re new to AIG’s new membership system, or not sure about the renewal process, we’ve put together a few steps, along with screenshots, to help you along your way.

Download a short PDF guide at the following link: AIG Membership System.

AIG’s New Membership System Update – Renewal now available on line

AIG’s new membership system is on-line.  All members were sent their username and initial password in the past few days.

A number of members have experienced difficulties accessing the system because they cannot see the member login button on the home page, which should appear as shown below.

Member Login Button

Member Login Button

The button appears on every page of the AIG web site in the page header.

If you cannot see the button it is most likely due to the web site page being cached by your internet browser software, your company’s Internet server or your Internet service provider (ISP).  Browser applications frequently cache pages or even parts of pages to make them appear to load faster, especially when the page is visited regularly.  Network servers and ISP’s do this to minimise Internet traffic.

There are several ways of “flushing” the caches on systems between you and the AIG web site. Try these.

1. Hold down your left shift key while clicking the page refresh/reload icon with your mouse. You may need to do this several times.
2. Press Control-F5 several times.
3. Delete your browsing history (an option in your browser’s tools menu).

These should lead to the cached data being refreshed which will allow the Member Login button to appear.

If you have not received your login details, please contact AIG’s Executive Officer, Lynn Vigar.

2014-15 membership renewals have been prepared and emailed to members today (25/6/14). This renewal advice gives instructions on how to pay.

If you haven’t received your renewal notice, you can still pay through your member portal.
The Renew Membership button can be seen in the Subscription tab and various options will be available to you.