Coal Log Review

Coal Log Review – Feedback to Committee Sought

It is now two years since CoalLog, a proposed Borehole Data Standard for the Australian Coal Industry, funded by an ACARP project, was released.  Many Australian coal companies have implemented the CoalLog codes and formats for data collection as well to convert historical data.  Even though CoalLog was developed by numerous experienced coal geologists over many meetings, it was anticipated that some minor modifications may be needed that would only become apparent once people started to use it.

The CoalLog review committee will be meeting on the 18th September in Brisbane.  The Stage 2 developments (training manual, graphic symbols, stratigraphic and seam codes, etc.) will be presented and any proposed modifications to the system (additional fields or codes) will be discussed.

The committee is keen to get feedback from users on any issues or suggested improvements, and from non-users on any impediments to implementation.

Please send any comments or contributions prior to the meeting to:

Brett Larkin at  and David Green.