Data Collection and Analysis – Core Logging to 3D Modelling – 10 day course

Australian Institute of Geoscientists > Best Practice > Data Collection and Analysis – Core Logging to 3D Modelling – 10 day course

Presented by AusIMM Geoscience Society and AIG
April 20th to May 1st 2015

The AusIMM Geoscience Society and AIG have concerns that with the sustained downturn many recent graduates in geoscience who are not able to find work will give up on the industry and seek work in other sectors.

A pilot program is being developed to directly assist graduate geoscientist members who have not found work or had any relevant industry experience. The concept is to develop and deliver a 2 week training course to assist their skills development and provide experience and understanding of data collection and management, interpretation and modelling.

Support has been obtained by the Geological Survey of Queensland to gain access to their Brisbane Core Library in Zillmere at no cost to undertake a 5 day logging exercise on core at the facility followed by another 5 days of data management and 3D modelling.

It is intended to source local experienced geoscientists to assist with this training and open it at no / nominal cost to unemployed graduate / student AusIMM and AIG members.

The course brochure is available here: Core Skills Flyer.

More information regarding the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines Exploration Data Centre is available here.