Diamonds: From Exploration to Manufacturing Short Course

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GSSA and SACNASP are offering a diamonds short course with optional mine visits in South Africa for those able to attend, 20-30 June, 2022.

The last half-century has seen a massive shift in geological thinking and technological development across all facets of the diamond exploration, mining, recovery, manufacturing, and marketing spectrum. Recently synthetic gemstone diamonds have taken an important place alongside natural gemstone diamonds and jewellery. Blockchain technology is coming to the fore to ensure ‘source to sale-point’ tracing and integrity.

OGG in conjunction with a team of prominent local and international experts, SADPO (which represents the South African Small and Junior alluvial and kimberlite producers), and the GSSA, is offering an eleven-part series covering the complete range of diamond exploration, evaluation, mining, processing, recovery, manufacturing, and marketing.

This course provides participants with exposure to the latest developments in diamond exploration, geophysics, craton and structural studies, kimberlite petrology and mineralogy, diamond formation, mantle indicator and fine diamond applications. It further covers the full ambit of primary (kimberlites and lamproites) and secondary (land and marine-based alluvial) diamond deposits, including the evaluation, mining and exploitation, processing and diamond recovery from these deposits, as well as marketing and sales.

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