2018 Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology and Resources Short course


Date(s) - Sunday, 02/12/2018 - Saturday, 08/12/2018
12:00 am

Black Dolphin Motel


2018 Volcanic Processes, Deposits, Geology and Resources Short course


2nd to 8th December, 2018

This year’s course is led by Ray Cas, Pat Hayman, Rebecca Carey


Merimbula, on the south coast of NSW.
The course will be taught residentially at the Black Dolphin Motel, Merimbula, on the scenic south
coast of New South Wales. The motel has modern conference room facilities and is ideally situated for
easy access to the Late Devonian Boyd Volcanic Complex during the 2 field days.

Course Overview

  • 3 days of cutting edge lectures on the major topics relevant to understanding modern volcanic processes and the origins and settings of ancient volcanic successions, including mineralised ones.
  • The course focus is on developing understanding of volcanic rock textures and their origins, through the lectures, field days and an extensive display of specimens from Archean through to modern volcanics.
  • 2 days of fieldwork on excellent coastal exposures of subaerial and subaqueous volcanic successions of the Late Devonian Boyd Volcanics, and practical work on polished display specimens (slabs, drill core) and thin sections of typical macro- and micro textures and features of a spectrum of volcanic rock types, from subaerial to subaqueous, from komatiites, basalts, andesites, dacites, rhyolites to kimberlites and lamproites, from lavas to pyroclastic to volcanic sediments and from a spectrum of ore deposit host rock successions.
  • Comprehensive display of books and research papers on all topics
  • DVDs of major volcanic phenomena and eruption styles.


Registration is now open – Please refer to the registration form in the brochure.

Early Bird registration deadline of 24th August.
Accommodation and meals are included in the course fee.


More information

The brochure includes images of some of the fieldtrip outcrops and course display rock specimens, as well as information about the course, the location, and registration – click here to download.


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