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Advanced Field Training

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Date(s) - Saturday, 29/06/2019 - Saturday, 06/07/2019
All Day

Cloncurry Region (Eastern Mt Isa Block)


An EGRU Professional Geologist Short Course

Advanced Field Training

Course Leader: Prof. Paul Dirks, Dr Ioan Sanislav, EGRU JCU



Saturday 29 June – Saturday 6 July 2019 (28 June & 7 July 2019 – travel days)



Cloncurry Region (Eastern Mt Isa Block), NW Minerals Province, Queensland

This intensive 8-day course is designed to provide geoscientists with an introduction to the geology of the Mt Isa Inlier, a world-class metallogenic province, and develop essential exploration-related field skills applicable in complexly deformed and altered terrains. Detailed ‘form surface’ mapping of contacts, alteration zones and structures will be integrated with paragenesis, geophysical interpretation and the use of alternate knowledge-based and data-based exploration models, including an introduction to the simple and useful application of semi-quantitative prospectivity tools.

The course will be based in the Eastern Mt Isa Block, which contains world class IOCG and Pb-Zn-Ag deposits, as well as significant U and REE mineralization.

The course will include:

  • Field visits to major structural and terrain boundaries, with discussions and assessment of the nature, significance and potential of these major structures for mineralization.
  • Visits to selected ore deposits, with discussions about deposit geology and potential exploration models.
  • Veins, breccias, shear zones: paragenesis, overprinting, mechanisms, geometry.
  • Advanced structural geology and structural controls.
  • Developing exploration strategies from field observations.


Course Details

Part 1: General Introduction

General Introduction to the geology and deposit types in the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mt Isa Inlier. Outcrop descriptions of representative rock types and structures. Visits to the Au-only Tick Hill deposit, Cu-Au Trekelano deposit, Cu-Au Mt Colin deposit, U-REE Mary Kathleen deposit, Cu-Au-REE Elaine Dorothy prospect. The geology, alteration and structures of these deposits forms the basis for developing exploration strategies for two prospective mapping areas.

Part 2: Mary Kathleen Domain

Mapping and exploring for mineralisation around the Elaine Dorothy prospect, an area of awesome exposure and outstanding geology. This is an ideal area to appreciate alteration recognition in the field, basic structural geology, skarns and intense metasomatic activity, and correlation of geophysical data sets with geology in order to identify drill targets.

Part 3: Soldiers Cap Domain

IOCG deposits, breccias and crustal fluid flow. The Eastern Succession of the Mount Isa inlier is world renowned for its variety of IOCG deposit types. Part 3 will examine field aspects of exploration for IOCG deposits, emphasising characteristion and mapping of breccias and fluid systems in the field. We will map along a major terrain boundary, the Cloncurry Fault, which contains typical IOCG alteration assemblages and will investigate enigmatic breccia-pipes known to contain anomalous Cu and Au.



Registration Fees for the eight-day course (AUD inc GST)

EGRU Member $3800
Non Member $5440

Registration fees include transport, accommodation and meals during the field course. The field course commences from Mt Isa airport on the afternoon of Friday 28th June and terminates at Mt Isa airport on the morning of Sunday 7 July. Delegates are responsible for their own transport and accommodation outside of the field courses times.

EGRU reserves the right to cancel this course if minimum registrations are not received by Friday 31st May 2019.

Further information and registration at:


For more information

EGRU Enquiries:
Judy Botting
+61 (0) 7 4781 4726