AIG SA GEOPUB – Feb 2020


Date(s) - Thursday, 06/02/2020
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Coopers Ale House at The Earl


AIG SA GEOPUB – Kicks Off for 2020 on Thursday 6 February



Thursday, 06 Feb 2020
Time: 6pm with Technical talk from 6:30pm



Coopers Ale House- Pulteney Street, Adelaide


Technical Talk

Glen Little, Exploration Manager, Minotaur Exploration Limited

Talk Title: Jericho Copper-Gold Discovery – what lurks beneath the deep blue sea

Jericho is a substantial copper-gold mineral system discovered under a Minotaur Exploration – OZ Minerals Joint Venture in late 2017. Located in the Cloncurry district of NW Queensland, it lies under 30-80m of cover and was discovered using EM geophysics. Of significance, Jericho lies within a district renown for magnetite-related IOCG deposits yet it has no magnetite. The implications of this are somewhat profound as it is essentially invisible in regional magnetics data and “lurks beneath a deep blue sea” of bland magnetic response (under cover). The presentation will highlight how it was discovered, talk about the key geological aspects of the system, and how some of these features may apply to South Australia.

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