AIG QLD Technical Talk – Automation in Mining – February 2018


Date(s) - Tuesday, 13/02/2018
5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Transcontinental Hotel


AIG February Technical Talk

Automation in Mining
Presented by Kevin Gates – Software Engineer – Caterpillar Inc.

Date & Time

February 2018
5.15pm for 6.00pm


Transcontinental Hotel
482 George St, Brisbane QLD
Meet in Balcony at the rear of the venue.

Using a Mine Management System (MineStar) to meet desired geological outcomes from a mine.

The desired geological outcomes for a mine may include the production of material for processing that includes one or more constraints on the production. An example of this type of constraint is the percentage of gold ore in the plant that may be constrained to be between two values where a violation of the constraint on either end of the range will result in inefficient production. A second example is a requirement to limit a contaminate in the resulting ore as is seen with copper and arsenic. A Mine Management System like MineStar provides tools for managing these types of constraints and the production of the mining operations. The most powerful and specialised tool for these problems is the ability to build a blend of materials and material grades that is directed toward a particular destination, in MineStar this tool is called Blending to Destination (B2D). A second useful feature in this circumstance is the ability to handle mining of a split between two different materials by a single shovel and thus maximise the production of the shovel. In addition, the ability to manage loaders and with dynamic recipes that can feed a blend is very useful for managing production. On the highest level is the ability to set and maintain a production plan and the ability to manage and watch the dynamic production so that corrective actions can be taken by the mine staff.

RSVP not required. The Transcontinental is directly opposite the Roma Street Station

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