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AIGWA MEGWA Monthly Meeting – November 2022


Date(s) - Wednesday, 16/11/2022
5:30 pm

Celtic Club, 48 Ord St, West Perth WA


Date & Time

Wednesday, 16 November 2022
5:30 to 6:00 PM drinks
Presentation starts at 6:00PM

Note that this is the last MEGWA for 2022



The Celtic Club (48 Ord St, West Perth)


Unlocking hidden potential through Geoscience Driven Exploration: Case Studies from the Coquimbo Region, Chile & Marvel Loch, WA
By Melanie Hickman and Adam Anderson

Adam and Melanie will share real project examples of how applying a dynamic and versatile approach to exploration has unlocked previously overlooked potential, opening up the prospectivity of the projects to new and different styles of mineralisation, despite facing some very unique challenges along the way. The journey which led to recent significant advancements in both Southern Hemisphere Mining Ltd’s Llahuin & Colina2 Projects will be discussed, along with how geoscience driven exploration at Marvel Loch not only led to a 93.3Mt kaolin JORC compliant resource at Boomerang for Kula Gold Ltd, but more excitingly, why they think GSWA will soon be recolouring the geology maps – and what this means for gold exploration the region (Hint: it’s pretty … exciting!).



Melanie Hickman
Principal Geologist & Director – MH Geology. Exploration Manager for Kula Gold Ltd. Consultant Geologist to Southern Hemisphere Mining
Melanie Hickman is a passionate and enthusiastic geologist, with practical experience in both mining and exploration. She is a naturally inquisitive person who thoroughly enjoys the challenges associated with developing an understanding of the various spatial and timing controls of an orebody, and ultimately, applying this knowledge to targeting offshoots and/or new deposits. Melanie has a first principles approach to geology and will not rubber stamp anything with a standard structural model, in efforts to discover the true controls. Melanie’s passion also extends to training and empowering the next generation of geologists with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Melanie has experience working in Western Australia and, more recently, overseas in Chile.
Adam Anderson
Principal Geologist & Director – Adam Anderson Geological Consulting. Exploration Manager for Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited. Consultant Geologist to Kula Gold Ltd.

Adam Anderson is dynamic, versatile and dedicated Exploration Manager with a wealth of hands-on technical experience working in the mining and metals industry in several countries including Australia, Romania, Ukraine, DRC, Zambia, Armenia and Chile. A subject matter expert in exploration and resource definition to advanced project development including JORC compliance and reporting requirements, Adam is an analytical and agile critical thinker with significant strengths in managing projects and field teams. Adam considers his keys to success as: good stakeholder management, excellent communication skills as well as analytical and prioritisation skills. Being a strategic thinker, Adam thrives on being an integral part of planning and direction setting to improve processes, drive new business and growth to achieve targets and ensure continued success. Adam is an effective communicator who has excellent interpersonal, relationship management and leadership skills with the ability to foster teamwork. Adam possesses strong work ethics, is honest, and works safely and effectively even in demanding situations. Working as an effective team member in his early career, and moving onto team leader, Adam has always valued building his team up through training & collaboration, ensuring the teams he works within are striving for continuous improvement.



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