Geology of Timor Leste – Tom Stevenson-Vissiers and Jack McInerney, Federation University


Date(s) - Thursday, 22/11/2018
7:00 pm

Mallow Hotel


Geology of Timor Leste – Tom Stevenson-Vissiers and Jack McInerney, Federation University


Date & Time

22nd November 2018


Mallow Hotel, 20 Skipton Street – upstairs

The geology of Timor Leste is both complex and unique. Aside from the island of Taiwan, Timor Leste is the only place in world where an active island arc-continent collision zone and its associated features can be observed in such extraordinary detail and beauty. The island is highly structurally controlled with large scale features such as thrust faulting and subsequent duplexing, along with a host of differing rock types including low grade metamorphics, passive margin sequences, wide spread melange deposits and uplifted limestone deposits, all of which can be seen with magnificent exposure. Along with the stunning rocks, the island boasts some of the most beautifully untouched landscapes in the world ranging from crystal clear waters to sheer mountains and an equally vibrant culture to boot.

Recently, Federation University geology undertook a three week excursion to Timor Leste to observe the geology and learn the culture with the help of the New Columbo Plan scholarship scheme. This scheme is a government initiative which enables Australian students to study in the Indo-Pacific nations and vice versa.

Tom Stevenson-Vissers and Jack McInerney are both 2017 geology graduates from Fed Uni and are currently completing their respective honours projects at Fed Uni as well as working casually for Castlemaine Goldfields Pty Ltd at the Ballarat Gold Mine.

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