CODES Online Short Course Week 1: Fundamentals of Economic Geology

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CODES Online Short Course Week 1: Fundamentals of Economic Geology


Date(s) - Monday, 30/08/2021 - Saturday, 04/09/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm AEDT



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Fundamentals of Economic Geology


Date & Time

Week 1: 30 August – 4 September, 2021

The CODES Ore Deposit Geochemistry, Hydrology and Geochronology short course will run this year over two separate weeks:
Online Short Course – Fundamentals of Economic Geology


CODES’ Master of Economic Geology short course on the Fundamentals of Economic Geology, will be presented by CODES staff together with several globally renowned invited experts. This short course teaches the fundamental skills needed by all economic geologists in order to characterize, interpret, explore and mine ore deposits. Key fundamental geological concepts used to describe and interpret ore deposits will be covered, including ore and alteration mineralogy, paragenesis, ore and gangue textures, breccia textures, geochemistry and geophysical characteristics of ore forming environments and supergene features. The short course will include a panel discussion on the economics of Economic Geology. The short course focusses on identifying and using key tools to recognise the sequence of events that have impacted ore-forming environments, and how these tools can be best used in an exploration context to solve exploration, mineral processing and environmental problems. Practical exercises will be a major component of the course, and will be used to reinforce and enhance content delivered in a series of on-line lectures.

The first week provides an introduction to ore deposits, the minerals that occur within them, and key textures that help us to interpret ore genesis and that can aid exploration. You will learn how to construct mineral paragenesis for a variety of deposit types and become familiar with the tools used to identify and map alteration mineralogy and zonation patterns. Geochemical sampling and data analysis will also be reviewed. Week 2 covers metal zoning in hydrothermal ore deposits, describing and interpreting ore-related breccias, supergene processes and geochemical exploration in the regolith, geophysical properties of ore deposits and the economics of Economic Geology.


Fundamentals of Economic Geology

is offered as a unit in the national Minerals Geoscience Masters program.



WEEK 1: August 30 – September 4
Monday August 30 Introduction to ore deposits PRESENTERS: David Cooke, David Huston, Noel White
Tuesday August 31 Minerals in ores PRESENTERS: David Cooke, Larry Meinert, Noel White, Lejun Zhang
Wednesday September 1 Alteration PRESENTERS: Cassady Harraden, David Green, Francisco Testa, Lejun Zhang
Thursday September 2 Geochemical data acquisition, processing and interpretation PRESENTERS: Noel White, Lejun Zhang
Friday September 3 Textures PRESENTER: David Cooke, Robert Scott
Saturday September 4 Paragenesis PRESENTER: Rodney Allen, David Cooke, Robert Scott



Minerals Geoscience Masters Program (MGM) Students
(Excludes UTAS tuition fee)
Full course (free) – University of Tasmania enrolled
Full course (free) – University of Western Australia enrolled

Industry Participants
Full course ($3,300)
$550/day (maximum charge 6 days)
CODES Staff/Students
Short course classes (free, indicate days below)
Other Full – time Students
Full course ($550)




Registrations are due by 24th of August, 2021. Full payment must be received by 27th of August, 2021.