CSIRO Webinar – Drill hole logging with digital data


Date(s) - Friday, 26/06/2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Perth time


Drill hole logging with digital data: a multiscale method of classification


Date & Time

Friday, June 26, 1pm Perth time



Do you have large sets of numerical data collected from your drill holes and don’t know how to interpret them in a way that is consistent and fast? Have you tried classification using machine learning and the results were too noisy (i.e. many small-scale units) for you to use them in 3D geology modelling and no easy way to upscale? We present the multivariate wavelet tessellation method to help you generate geology logs from analytical data at any scale, rapidly and consistently.


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Short speaker bios:

June Hill:
Dr June Hill is a Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO Mineral Resources. She specialises in using mathematical, statistical and machine learning techniques to automate the interpretation of geoscience data. June has a PhD in structural geology and extension tectonics (from Monash Uni) and a MSciEng in pattern recognition (from UWA).
Margaux Le Vaillant:
Dr Margaux Le Vaillant is a Research Scientist working with CSIRO based in Perth, Australia, leading the Ore deposit petrology team. Her expertise is in Geology, Ore deposits genesis and footprints, particularly magmatic nickel systems.
Jessica Stromberg:
Dr Jess Stromberg is a Research Scientist in the Mineral Footprints team at CSIRO where she is works on projects across multiple commodities applying the combined use of lab and field-based spectroscopic and geochemical techniques to address industry-relevant problems. She is broadly interested in improving the workflows in which we collect and integrate geoscientific datasets to better address the needs of the minerals industry. She completed her PhD at the University of Western Ontario in Canada where she worked throughout Canada’s Superior Province on orogenic gold systems and gained industry experience as an underground production geologist.

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