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Free Webinar – Crystallography in ore deposits – the other half of the story

Australian Institute of Geoscientists > Events > Free Webinar – Crystallography in ore deposits – the other half of the story

Free Webinar – Crystallography in ore deposits – the other half of the story


Date(s) - Friday, 01/05/2020
1:00 pm Perth time (Australian WST)






Friday 1st of May at 1 pm Perth time (Australian WST)



Geochemistry, geophysics, and field observations are the mainstays of ore deposit studies and
the basis of most exploration tools. Crystallography plays a controlling role in all these disciplines by governing physical rock properties, trace element budgets and textural relationships. Understanding to what extent processes are influenced by minerals structure provide valuable clues as to why exploration methods work, or not in different systems. In this seminar, I will explore how relationships between mineral grains can be used to identify minerals destroyed by intense alteration using techniques developed for understanding extreme conditions in meteorite impacts. I will look at mineral replacement and pseudomorphism and how fluid conditions control the textures we observe in rocks and I will discuss how kinetics might exert a much stronger control on gold deposition than previously thought.


Short bio

Dr. Mark Pearce is a geologist specialising in understanding rock microstructures to aid mineral exploration. He has been with CSIRO since 2012 and currently leads the Ore Body Geoscience Research Group. Mark’s PhD research in metamorphism of Archean gneisses in Scotland established his interest in electron microscopy and penchant for understanding grain-scale processes in excruciating detail. He has since branched out to work at much larger scales and has added X-ray based analysis techniques to his arsenal to help define effective exploration tools and understand how data acquired in exploration can be used to predict downstream geomet performance.


When joining please turn off your video and mute your
microphone. There’ll be a chance to ask questions via the chat window


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