Geohug: Coffee Webinar Session – 17th November

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Geohug: Coffee Webinar Session – 17th November


Date(s) - Thursday, 17/11/2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm AEDT




Thursday, 17th November, 11am AEDT



11.00AM – Cam Knight – Stand-up Comic
11.10AM – The Great Geohug Debate: Jun Cowan & Carl Brauhart – The origin of ancient volcanic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits—are they syngenetic or epigenetic?

  • 10 min introductory presentations
  • 10 min replies
  • 10 min wrap up discussions

11.50PM – Happy Hour – Q&A + Networking


Bring an open mind and good attitude..

This session is not about competition but exploring ideas to progress science.

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned – Richard Feynman


Our guest speaker

Carl Brauhart

Carl is an exploration geologist with 30 years of experience which has seen him specialise in exploration and ore deposit geochemistry and geological mapping. He did his PhD on regional hydrothermal alteration at the Panorama VMS district, an example that will feature prominently in both his and Jun’s presentations. Since then he has worked on the DeGrussa VMS deposit and its surrounding district and on the geochemistry of a number of VMS districts around the world. He uses some of his spare time to run the OSNACA geochemical database at the University of Western Australia.

Jun Cowan

Jun Cowan is a Perth-based structural geological consultant, specialising in interpreting mineral deposits at the deposit-scale. He is the conceptual founder of Leapfrog software and has examined more than 600 drilling datasets from around the world. Jun continues to research and develop new techniques that help his clients get the most out of their drilling data and he enjoys writing thought-provoking geological articles on LinkedIn.