Geohug: Coffee Webinar Session – 19th May

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Geohug: Coffee Webinar Session – 19th May



Thursday, 19th May, 11am AEDT



11.00AM – Cam Knight – Stand-up Comic
11.10AM – Francis MacDonald – Exploration Risk: A case for utilizing the Project Generator business model
11.50PM – Happy Hour – Q&A + Networking

If you were allowed to count cards or use weighted dice at a casino, would you do it if your upside was slightly decreased?

Investing in a successful mineral exploration project has approximately 30x less chance of success than playing roulette at the casino. As such, risk management should be at the forefront of every investor’s mind in the mineral exploration space.

The project generator business model aims to hedge mineral exploration risk by having other people spend money on exploration in exchange for a majority stake in the project. This business model is elegant when operated effectively and utilized to explore large, prospective areas with partners who have an aligned goal – discovery of a new mineral deposit.

This week’s coffee talk with Francis MacDonald from Kenorland Minerals Ltd. will dive into some slightly depressing statistics about success in mineral exploration and make a case that the project generation business model is an excellent way to hedge mineral exploration risk.


Our guest speakers

Francis MacDonald, Kenorland Minerals
Francis MacDonald is the co-founder and President of Kenorland Minerals, a North America focused exploration company which focuses on identifying greenfields exploration opportunities and advancing them either through sole-funding or partner-funding. Kenorland has recently discovered the Regnault gold deposit by using till geochemistry and prospecting in an Archean greenstone belt in Quebec, Canada, which was thought to have been heavily prospected in the past. Before starting Kenorland Minerals, Francis spent most of his career doing regional exploration with Newmont Mining Corporation in the Canadian Arctic, West Africa, and East Africa.