More QGIS for Geoscientists No 1


Date(s) - Friday, 12/10/2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Ascot Kayak Club


More QGIS for Geoscientists No 1

Date & Time

Friday 12th October 2018


Garvey Park, Fauntleroy Street, Ascot WA



The “More QGIS for Geoscientists” (MQG) workshop is designed to expand on the initial QGIS for Geologists (QFG) workshop and providing more detail on using QGIS for earth science applications. The QFG workshops have been run by the AIG over the past two years and there has been many changes and improvements to QGIS over this time.

The MQG workshop is aimed at users of QGIS who would like to expand their skills and participants are encouraged to bring along their questions. Each participant will require a laptop and the workshop will be based on Windows, but Mac users are welcome.

The MQG workshop will begin with a brief review of some of the new developments in version 3 and will be followed by a series of hands-on exercises covering;

  • useful plugins
  • registering raster images
  • reviewing the process of assigning pattern fills to geological polygons
  • joining spatial and non-spatial data
  • using the new Geopackage file format and why
  • searching for and use of open source WMS data
  • plotting drill hole traces and visualising drill holes in 3D using QGIS2Threejs
  • geological legends
  • review of remote sensing applications in QGIS


Time will be allocated at the end of the day for discussion topics from participants and answering specific user problems.

Registrants will be requested to download and install the latest version of QGIS together with a number of free plug-ins before the workshop for use during the day. GIS data will be provided for the hands-on workshop together with documentation on using QGIS in mineral exploration.

The venue is wheelchair friendly and free parking is available. Lunch and morning and afternoon teas will be supplied. Barista coffee is available from the adjoining kiosk.

Registration Flyer

For further information on the workshop contact
Grant Boxer or phone Mob: 0418 954 059



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