SA AIG Geopub – November 2022

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SA AIG Geopub – November 2022


Thursday November 3rd
Time: 6pm – 7:30pm (talk starts 6.30)



Coopers Alehouse at the Earl, 316 Pulteney Street Adelaide


Caitlin Rowett, Geology Manager at Hillgrove Resources Ltd

‘Metal Spaghetti’ Unlocking the Kanmantoo Cu-Au Deposit at Depth. The high art of
multi-wedge directional drilling to explore under the Kanmantoo Giant Pit

The talk will focus on how Hillgrove Resources use Navigational Drilling and multiple wedges from parent holes to explore under the Kanmantoo Giant Pit and will describe the geological observations this drilling has facilitated.


Also at this meeting:

Presentation of the AIG Distinguished Service Award to Graham Teale



Caitlin Rowett, Geology Manager at Hillgrove Resources Ltd

Caitlin has worked across all of Hillgrove’s exploration programs with a focus on the Kanmantoo Underground Project including the Resource Drilling programs all the way through to design of Underground Geology Processes and procedures.


About the Kanmantoo Mine

The Kanmantoo Copper Mine is located less than 55 kilometres southeast from Adelaide, South

Hillgrove Resources commenced exploration drilling in 2004 and since then have completed a
number of exploration drill campaigns which have resulted in extensions and additions to the known deposit.

Open pit mining and processing by Hillgrove commenced in 2011 and concluded in April 2020. With the completion of the open cut operations, focus is on the development of the Underground project. Mineralisation occurs as a complex system of structurally controlled veins, with mineralisation typically forming pipe-like bodies and lenses of chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, ±pyrite, ±magnetite within a quartz + biotite + andalusite ± garnet ± chlorite schist host rock. Structural studies suggest the main controls on the mineralisation are north-south striking shear zones and north-north-east/north-east striking cross-shears and tension veins.

For further information about the Kanmantoo Mine refer to Hillgrove’s website and publically available information from Department for Energy and Mining SARIG data portal

The drilling company ‘DRC Drilling’ that completed the navigational drilling for Hillgrove can be contacted visa their website: