SMEDG – 2022 – Golden Jubilee Conference and Dinner

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SMEDG – 2022 – Golden Jubilee Conference and Dinner


Date(s) - Thursday, 25/08/2022
12:00 am




Date & Time

25th August 2022


To be declared

50 Years of SMEDG and Mineral Exploration

The Sydney Mineral Exploration Discussion Group(SMEDG) will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2022

A SMEDG Golden Jubilee Conference to mark this milestone will be held in Sydney on 25th August 2022. The conference will review 50 years of NSW mineral exploration including the development of the science and technologies of exploration-targeting. A list of eminent speakers will present a quality technical program. The legacy of SMEDG and the future of mineral exploration will also be on the Agenda.

The Conference will be followed by a celebratory dinner which will include the presentation of SMEDG Life Membership Awards

The focus of the Conference will include:

  • a keynote address by Dr Richard Sillitoe on the evolution in the metallogenic understanding of accretionary orogens
  • reflections on the past fifty years of mineral exploration and SMEDG
  • major sessions on breakthrough exploration science and technologies
  • a panel discussion on the future of mineral exploration


Keynote Speaker

Dr Richard Sillitoe

Renowned consultant economic geologist who has led the development of the understanding of porphyry Cu-Au and epithermal Au deposits around the world, directly resulting in many discoveries. Since 1971 he has consulted for more than 300 companies and over 11 international governments and agencies – working in over 100 countries. He has written over 130 technical papers – including 41 in “Economic Geology”.

His 2010 overview paper on porphyry copper deposits is the most cited paper in “Economic Geology”, and in 2012 the Society of Economic Geologists produced Special Publication No. 16 titled “The Geology and Genesis of Major Copper Deposits and Districts of the World: A Tribute to Richard H. Sillitoe”.

Dick is very generous with his time – he has spoken at over 100 international conferences, and has given more than 50 lectures at universities and geological surveys around the world. In 1999 he was elected as the first President of the Society of Economic Geologists who was not American. Dick won the Society’s Waldemar Lindgren Award in 1975, the Silver Medal in 2002, and the Penrose Gold Medal in 2015. He has won many other international awards and honours, including the Haddon Forrester King Medal of the Australian Academy of Science in 1995.


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