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Strategy, Advanced Thinking and Decision-making Skills



Strategy, Advanced Thinking and Decision-making Skills

This is a thinking and decision-making workshop geared toward mineral explorers, mining geoscientists and management. It will cover day-to-day decisions to strategic decision-making.

A defining skill for any executive is good decision making. It is an essential for management and leadership of every organisation at every level. Making, sustaining, rejecting and changing decisions all come with inherent risks to both the organisation – and the reputation of the executive.

But according to a global survey, conducted by McKinsey & Co. in 2019, only 20% of respondents said their organisations excel at decision making.

Moreover, there was no correlation between prolonged thorough decision-making processes and winning outcomes.  Winning leaders and their teams make good decisions fast, then execute plans rapidly .

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Analytical, critical, divergent and parallel thinking for lifelong improvement in decision-making
  • Using reflection and memory tools for learning
  • Thinking skills that companies need their people to have
  • Thinking skills for a VUCA world: system thinking, design thinking, systems innovation
  • Match the right technique to the problem
  • Apply cures for groupthink, bias and dogma
  • Develop the skills and confidence to be decisive – and to sell your decisions to stakeholders
  • Agile decision-making and use of AI


Early bird registration (until 11 August 2024):
AIG Members – $890
Non-Members – $1,082

Full Registration (12 August onwards):
AIG Members – $1,082
Non-Members – $1,300

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  • Date

    Monday to Tuesday
    2-3 September 2024

  • Location

    CET Resource Room
    Roberts Street Building
    University of Western Australia