Using QGIS in Mineral Exploration (Online and On-Demand)

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Using QGIS in Mineral Exploration (Online and On-Demand)


    Date(s) - Thursday, 16/11/2023 - Tuesday, 31/12/2024

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Using QGIS in Mineral Exploration

Video tutorials for the application of QGIS to mineral exploration     

QGIS is a very powerful free open-source GIS program and is gaining wide acceptance in the world of geosciences. This training series has been designed by Grant Boxer (FAIG) for the geologist or geoscientist that would like to increase their skills in QGIS. A series of new short courses are being created for the new QGIS versions (3.28 and above) Each short course comprises a detailed video walk-through (approximately 30 – 40 minutes each – representing 1 to 2 hrs of in-person workshop time) based around hands-on QGIS projects. Project data is supplied for all short courses.

Hands-On Workshop Tutorials designed for those involved in mineral exploration

In depth walk-throughs of various topics essential for today’s geologist or earth scientist. Short courses have been produced to target specific exploration processes in QGIS. UQinME parts 1 to 3 has been superceded by the release of these more detailed and updated short courses. Video workshops are a great way to learn as you can stop – start – rewind and re-listen anytime of the day or night, anywhere in the world.

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Prices range from A$110 – A$150.

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