Turbidite and sedimentary-hosted ore deposits


Date(s) - Friday, 11/10/2019
All Day

Catalyst Metals


AIG Victoria 1 day course

Turbidite and sedimentary-hosted ore deposits

Presenter: Dr Rodney Boucher



Friday 11 OCt 2019



Catalyst Metals,
66 Ham St, Kangaroo Flat


Course outline

The course will focus on the structural architecture of turbidite-hosted mineral deposits and provide tools to correlate drill and outcrop data to define resource shapes. The course will discuss methods to reconstruct faults, folds, reefs, veins and associated mineralisation. The course will commence with an overview of sedimentation in a variety of tectonic settings and the associated structural and mineralisation styles. The course will include examples and practical exercises integrating drill hole, geochemical and geophysical data to demonstrate key points.


Course contents

  • The application of Sequence Stratigraphy to understanding mineral deposits
  • Depositional environments, processes and tectonic settings
  • Basin-forming structures and reactivation
  • Tectonic setting of sedimentary-hosted mineral deposits
  • Correlation of turbidite lithologies and facies
  • Faulting, folding, vein, reef and shoot development in turbidites
  • Reconstruction and interpretation of drilling and outcrop data
  • Exploration methodologies & resource modelling


Who should attend

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of vein, reef and shoot development within turbidite-hosted mineral deposits and methods to reconstruct, interpret and explore for such mineralisation. The course additionally provides background information and a review of new ideas on the development and controls of mineralisation in sedimentary environments. The course is designed for graduate exploration geologists through to senior exploration geologists but of interest for all geoscientists working on sedimentary-hosted mineral deposits.


About the presenter

Dr Rodney Boucher commenced his career in the petroleum industry investigating the tectonic setting, structural development and sedimentation within sedimentary basins. He moved to Bendigo in 1997 and commenced working in turbidite-hosted gold deposits at Fosterville, Bendigo, Ballarat and numerous smaller deposits. He has worked on turbidite-hosted and other styles of mineral deposits throughout the country. Rodney was a past lecturer in Structural Geology, Sedimentology and Geophysics at La Trobe University Bendigo, is the current Vice Chair and past Chair of AIG Victoria.



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