How are you enduring the employment downturn?

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AIG is looking for members willing to be interviewed regarding how they are dealing with the current downturn in geoscientist employment.

The recent AIG Australian Geoscientist Employment survey results highlighted the protracted nature of the current downturn and revealed a sharp increase in geoscientists seeking permanent employment outside the profession.  What are geoscientists leaving the profession looking towards?  For those weathering the downturn, what are you doing to manage while seeking employment?

These are questions not asked by the survey but clearly something the Institute needs to understand.  It was also a question frequently asked by the media in response to the survey results announcement.  A Queensland industry publication is seeking unemployed geoscientists willing to share their story for a feature article on the subject.  This is something that AIG should look to  promote in other states to promote awareness of the current situation faced by unemployed and underemployed geoscientists and to capture your thoughts on what could be done to improve employment prospects.

Are you willing to share your story?  Please contact Andrew Waltho by email, leave a comment here or contribute to the discussion via the AIG Linkedin group.