February 2010 AIGnews_10-02_feb10_thumb Exploration value and predicting “undiscovered” gold endowment, The IPCC’s flawed data, Obituary: Dr Miles Worsley, 34IGC update.
May 2010 AIGnews_10-06_jun10_thumb AIG News’s 100th edition. Mining “Super Profits” tax proposal condemned, Resource exploration rebate proposal falls short, CSIRO drilling research, volcanic carbon dioxide, risk and uncertainty in mineral exploration: implications for valuation, AIG employment survey, photo competition
August 2010 AIGnews_10-08_aug10_thumb Mining fiscal reform, Quantifying mineral estimate confidence, Advanced mineral project valuation methodologies, the incredible shrinking moon, Are we running out of oil?
November 2010 AIGnews_10-11_nov10_thumb Minerals exploration decision making, medieval climate angst, climate change keywords, shackling national security and renewable energy, killing the expanding Earth, IPCC science: are you willing to take the risk?